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Most organizations considering whether to manage their mission-critical databases in-house or to outsource, justify their investment on the basis of technology costs specifically in-house management and monitoring versus the outsourcing model. The IT cost savings that companies realize by outsourcing to SCI can be significant. The savings go beyond technology equipment to include avoiding the costs associated with hiring and retaining internal DBAs, reducing training costs. Many organizations do not see database administration as a core competency and are best served by leaving the Database maintenance and management legwork to an experienced DBA outsourcing company. Organizations with internal IT resources can rely on SCI for DBA maintenance tasks so that the customer's technical resources are free to focus on strategic revenue-generating business activities. 

But there's more to consider than just IT costs. Limiting decision criteria to only include IT costs undermines the value-added services and business understanding available through outsourcing the DBA functions — ways to better utilize database technologies to improve the availability and dissemination of data throughout your organization. SCI’s value-added options for Remote DBA outsourcing improve the performance, availability and security of your most important asset – your data. 

  • Database expertise.  SCI’s Remote DBA customers are able to avoid the time and cost of competing to hire scarce DBA resources and the risk of turnover – while working with experienced, world-class database administrators. Reducing IT staff, turnover and associated overheads translate into real cost savings for these companies.

  • 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring and support.  Companies with systems that require monitoring and support around the clock, achieve specific and measurable value by having Software Concepts International monitor and support their business critical databases.

  • Improved database performance, reliability, and sophistication.  SCI’s Remote DBA customers enjoy a competitive edge through improved database performance and availability – made possible through the use of the latest technology, robust database management tools and true database experts.

  • Ability to focus on core business.  Supporting mission-critical databases in-house often requires hiring additional resources or redeploying existing staff at the expense of other areas of strategic investment. Freed from the responsible for managing your databases, SCI’s customers are able to focus on core business functions – improving customer satisfaction, increasing product output, reducing time to market, and enhancing business productivity and business processes.

  • Ability to scale – world-wide.  SCI’s clients are able to successfully deploy their database applications world-wide without the “growing pains” commonly associated with such deployments. Supporting clients throughout the USA, Europe and Asia, SCI has the expertise and resources to manage your enterprise’s databases. 

  • Increase the strategic value of your IT.  Companies with their own IT department can offset the costs of managing their application by outsourcing the critical DBA function. Databases require bug patches, upgrades, maintenance and constant monitoring to optimize performance and availability.

  • Reduce IT burnout.  Our clients' IT staff can go home and do what they need to do in their lives. Database administration is no longer a job that consumes people's lives.

Founded in 1987, Software Concepts International pioneered remote outsourcing of DBA resources. Our list of satisfied customers includes many of the worlds largest and most respected businesses – from semiconductor manufacturing to aerospace engineering. This impressive list of customers was built on our ability to deliver what we promise – 24x7 coverage, improving database performance and availability, elimination of DBA staff turnover and improved efficiency.

SCI’s unique solution to outsourcing the DBA function has a significant positive impact on organizations. Organizations cannot afford to overlook the value that SCI’s Remote DBA service provides. Benefits include improved database performance, increased application availability, as well as the peace of mind afforded an IT department free from database maintenance drudgery and able to concentrate on strategic technology initiatives. SCI’s Remote DBA solution for outsourcing the DBA function will continue to be a viable and rewarding database maintenance option for many companies.


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