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Clients of Software Concepts International’s Remote Database Support service receive monthly outsourcing reports.  This report provides detailed information about the health of your database and a complete history of our remote outsourcing activities.

The report is distributed electronically to clients at the beginning of each month.  This allows clients to utilize current, relevant information about all database environments. 

This snapshot shows how the report is organized.  The format of the report allows clients to quickly access specific information or read in depth about their database environment – making the report pertinent to all levels within the organization.

A summary of all “interesting” areas is consolidated onto a single “Database-At-A-Glance” page.  This allows customers to visually understand the overall health of the database.



Each “interesting” area is then reported separately, identifying details about the area along with specific expert recommendations.



SCI tracks all special client database and site issues using an advanced Trouble Ticket (TT) management system. This system allows SCI analysts and management to track special events that require additional SCI expertise and to provide a summary of the actions taken.  TT’s may include problem identification and resolution, upgrades/enhancements, SCI recommendations, client questions and other pertinent information.

Our client reporting system provides you with efficient and timely access to all relevant information about your database environments.

Businesses that depend on databases depend on SCI to manage those databases.  Around the clock, around the world…SCI takes care of databases so you don’t have to.



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