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Due to problems introduced by Rdb v7.1.4.1.x, on July 17, 2010 Oracle Rdb engineering has decided to pull the Rdb v7.1.4.1.x kit from Metalink. 

Affected Versions:

Oracle Rdb V7. on OpenVMS Alpha

Oracle Rdb V7. on OpenVMS Alpha

Identified Problems:

   NOTE: 338020.1 Lock Tree Partitioning May Corrupt Database (Metalink Login Required)
   NOTE: 339285.1 Hangs With Row Cache Hash Latches Using V7.
(Metalink Login Required)

The following patch kits have been made available by Oracle to resolve these issue:

   4727423 ORACLE RDB RELEASE (AMV) 7.1  09-NOV-2005 56M


SCI Customers: Your TAM has already contacted you regarding this vulnerability.


All Others:  Patches are available for download at https://support.oracle.com or contact SCI for assistance in installing these patches.



Read full security bulletin (Metalink Login Required)


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