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Oracle Rdb and DBMS to be Ported to Itanium
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Oracle and Compaq (HP) port Rdb and DBMS family of products to Intel Itanium processor family.

A lot has happened since our article on porting from VAX to Alpha was first published. The Digital Equipment Corporation is now Compaq & HP, the Alpha of course is being phased out with the latest platform being the new Intel Itanium processors. Compaq and Oracle are working together to deliver Oracle RDB, and Oracle CODASYL DBMS.

NASHUA, NH, May 13, 2002 – Kevin Duffy, Oracle's Rdb Development Director released the following information. 

“On June 29 2001, shortly after Compaq announced plans to consolidate Compaq's entire 64-bit server family on the Itanium architecture from Intel, I wrote to you regarding Oracle Rdb, Oracle CODASYL DBMS and the Itanium Processor Family. At that time, I said we would work closely with Compaq and our customers to determine the best path forward for Rdb. I am writing to you now with an update on developments regarding a port of Rdb and DBMS to Itanium.

From our discussions with you, our customers, over the past months, it is clear that many of you are very interested in seeing Oracle Rdb, Oracle CODASYL DBMS and Oracle9i available on OpenVMS on Itanium.

As a result of this interest, Juan Jones, Oracle's Vice President for the Systems Platforms Division, recently, released the following statement:

Oracle and Compaq have a long and successful history of delivering enterprise solutions to our OpenVMS customers. In July, Oracle released Rdb 7.1 for OpenVMS. In September, Oracle9i for OpenVMS was released. Given Compaq's recent announcement to consolidate its 64-bit servers on the Itanium Processor Family (tm), Oracle's current plan is to team with Compaq and work toward a delivery of Oracle Rdb and Oracle9i for OpenVMS on IPF based upon Compaq's current engineering roadmap.

Consistent with this direction, we have developed a preliminary project plan for our porting activities for both Rdb and CODASYL DBMS. This preliminary plan was developed with the assistance of the OpenVMS Engineering Group at Compaq. This plan is based on the current delivery dates provided to us by Compaq.

Highlights of the plan include:

  • By early next year, Compaq will provide us with cross compilers to allow us to begin initial testing of our code in the Itanium environment.
  • In 2003, Compaq will deliver to us and their other partners an early version of OpenVMS for Itanium that will allow us to complete the port and begin testing of Rdb in this new environment.
  • In 2004, Compaq will deliver the first production release of OpenVMS on Itanium. 

Oracle normally ships supported versions of Rdb and CODASYL DBMS within 90 days of Compaq's production release date for new operating systems and processors. Assuming Compaq delivers Itanium software according to their announced schedule and that this software performs as expected, we will deliver the first production release of Rdb and CODASYL DBMS for Itanium within 90 days of Compaq's production release date for OpenVMS on Itanium.

These are still early days and Compaq's plans and road maps are still evolving. We expect to learn more as we and Compaq progress with our respective porting efforts. In the meantime we will continue to enhance and improve Rdb on the OpenVMS platform.“

So there is still a commitment to support Oracle RDB and Oracle CODASYL DBMS for the foreseeable future.



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