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CHARON-AXP Family of Products



Alpha Model

Alpha Memory

CHARON Product
DEC3000 model 300-900 up to 4 GB CHARON-AXP/3000 for Windows

AlphaStation 200
AlphaStation 250

AlphaStation 255

up to 4 GB CHARON-AXP/Station for Windows

AlphaServer 300
AlphaServer 400

AlphaServer 1000

up to 8 GB

CHARON-AXP/SMA for Windows

CHARON-AXP/SMA+ for Windows

AlphaServer DS10

AlphaServer DS20

AlphaServer ES40

AlphaServer GS80

AlphaServer GS160

up to 32 GB CHARON-ECP for Windows

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