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The Benefits of CHARON-VAX



         You can use your existing licenses.

o        HP provides extension licenses, which provide a continuation of your existing HP software warranty agreements when running on CHARON-VAX environment.

o        Oracle Corporation supports VAX versions of Oracle Rdb and Oracle CODASYL DBMS and their related products running on CHARON-VAX.  In fact, Oracle does all of their VAX development on Charon-VAX emulators And, in most cases, Oracle license and service agreements are transferred to the same number of CHARON-VAX processors at no charge. 

         Take advantage of leading edge disk technologies CHARON-VAX works on systems that utilize technologies such as:

o        RAID 1 or RAID 5 drive set

o        Fibre Channel/SAN

o        SCSI

o        SAS

o        NAS

o        I-SCSI

         Rapid implementation on Intel Xeon or AMD Opteron hardware with increased performance.

         Reduces cost of ownership by replacing old hardware that is expensive to maintain.

         Cut server room overhead.  Save floor space and electricity consumption by replacing your existing cabinets of VAX hardware with 1U of rack space.

         Applications run much faster than on the original VAX hardware.

         Preserves your current application investmentsNo need to migrate or modify applications.

         No change in current business processes or operational skills.

         Extend on new platforms, create room for future growth.

         Match your application needs.  CHARON-VAX emulates many VAX hardware models (31xx, 4xxx, 66xx, etc.) and memory configurations up to 2GB.

         Accepted as a legitimate VAX replacement. The CHARON products were certified using the original AXE hardware verification test suite of Digital Equipment Corporation's VAX engineering group.

         Adaptable product design and flexible support, licensing and pricing conditions to satisfy the defense industry, OEM or high-volume end user needs, at a price you can afford.

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