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Preserving Your

        Mission Critical VAX & Alpha Applications

                Through Virtualization...



Put An End To Your VAX and Alpha Hardware Troubles!


Faced with aging VAX or Alpha hardware that is leaving you vulnerable to disk, CPU, memory or other hardware failures that could bring your systems to a grinding halt costing you thousands of dollars in downtime?


Turning to Ebay for VAX or Alpha replacements parts costing you more for inferior technology with insufficient capacity and performance that you may need?


Are the rising costs of VAX and Alpha maintenance contracts breaking your budget?  Or worse yet has HP stopped renewing VAX support on your system leaving you to fend for yourself for maintenance services?


Challenged with the task of finding a replacement system and application for your aging VAX or Alpha that provides the same functionality as your current system?

CHARON Virtualization

The Answer to Your VAX and Alpha Hardware Problems!

Software Concepts International (SCI) has partnered with Stromasys to provide Alpha and VAX virtualization products. The CHARON-AXP and CHARON-VAX family of products, allows you to run your Alpha or VAX applications unchanged on modern, high-performance, industry-standard (X86) hardware. Stromasys is the original and leading provider of enterprise-class cross-platform virtualization solutions, including PDP-11, Digital VAX and Alpha, HP 3000, and SPARC servers. By partnering with Stromasys, we are able to extend the life cycle of business and mission-critical systems through virtualization, modernization, and system enhancement.

Utilizing server technologies of today, the CHARON family of products emulates your existing VAX or Alpha hardware through the useof virtualization allowing you to run your existing VMS operating system, layered software and applications unmodified!  The transition is seamless and users are unaware of the change except that their applications run considerably faster on the new CHARON environment.  Better yet your existing licenses can be transferred to the new system.



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