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Software Concepts International (SCI) is a leading provider of remote OpenVMS management and database administration services, worldwide. We specialize in providing system management, database administration, consulting, software utilities, and training for mission-critical systems and databases running on the OpenVMS platform. 

Founded in 1987, as a consulting firm specializing in a niche database market, Software Concepts International quickly gained an international reputation for its database expertise. Building on this expertise and international reputation, Software Concepts International now supports a global installed base of OpenVMS mission critical systems.

Our unprecedented balance of strengths – technological innovation, leadership, outstanding people and a proven track record of delivering exceptional service – allows us to provide our customers with world-class system management and database support.



Trust, confidence, and assurance.

Software Concepts International’s unique approach to system and database management provides round-the-clock monitoring of your environment. Mundane information is collected for analysis, while critical events trigger immediate dispatching of SCI experts to avoid disaster.

Continuity of service – in-house technical support may come and go, chasing the latest resume-building buzzword. Training is expensive, retaining expertise is difficult, and staff turn-over can be crippling. Software Concepts International is system and database management, so as long as there is system and database management to be done, Software Concepts International is your solution.



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