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Software Concepts International is committed to enabling Oracle Rdb and Oracle CODASYL DBMS users to achieve the full potential of these powerful database engines. This page includes important information about Rdb and DBMS, as well as how SCI helps clients maximize the performance, reliability and availability of their database environments.



sci Runs OpenVMs on X86-64!

Nashua, NH, May 15, 2020 - Software Concepts International (SCI) announced today they have successfully booted and are running OpenVMS V9.0 on the native x86 platform. VMS Software Incorporated (VSI) released OpenVMS V9.0 to select early adopters earlier today, culminating a multi-year effort to bring OpenVMS to the x86 architecture. Learn more...

VMS Software, Inc. Launches New Release of OpenVMS OS for Alpha Hardware

VMS Software, Inc. (VSI) today announced the immediate availability of the production release of VSI OpenVMS Alpha V8.4-2L2 Performance Release for select Alpha hardware platforms, including Alphas emulated on x86-based hardware. Learn more...


2017 OpenVMS Boot Camp - Dates Announced

Save the date! OpenVMS Boot Camp, the largesy global gathering of OpenVMS practitioners, has been scheduled for September 24-27, 2017.  Learn more...


VMS Software, Inc. announces availability of
vsi Openvms alpha evaluation kit

VMS Software, Inc. (VSI) announced the immediate availability of the VSI OpenVMS Alpha Evaluation Kit for the Alpha hardware platform. Learn more...



VMS Software, Inc. (VSI), the exclusive developer of the OpenVMS operating system, and Software Concepts International (SCI), the industry leader in OpenVMS Managed Services, today announced their strategic alliance to provide highly reliable, proven, system and database managed services and consulting for mission critical OpenVMS systems. Learn more...


OpenVMS and the "Heartbleed" Bug

Some customers have asked if their OpenVMS systems are vulnerable to this bug.  SCI offers the following guidance: Learn More...


Oracle to continue to develop on Itanium

September 4, 2012 - Redwood Shores, CA - Oracle issued statement reversing their decision to stop developing new versions of its software on Itanium microprocessors.  Learn More...


Another milestone for CHARON-VAX

July 19, 2012 – Geneva, Switzerland – Stromasys is pleased to announce that its product CHARON-VAX has reached another remarkable milestone.  Learn more...


HP To Require Active HP Support Agreement to Continue Patch Access

As of September 17 (or shortly thereafter), HP will institute a change in the way that OpenVMS patch kits (ECOs) are accessed. Learn More...


CRITICAL Alert for customers using rdb v7.1.4.1.x on openvms alpha

Due to problems introduced by Rdb v7.1.4.1.x, on July 17, 2010 Oracle Rdb engineering has decided to pull the Rdb v7.1.4.1.x kit from Metalink.  Learn More... 



On June 16, 2010 the Hewlett-Packard (HP) Software Security Response Team announced that a potential security vulnerability has been identified with HP SSL for OpenVMS. The vulnerabilities could be remotely exploited resulting in unauthorized data injection or a Denial of Service (DoS). 

Learn More...


SECURITY ALERT: VMS Alpha v8.3 RMS Patch Kit Vulnerability

On February 2, 2010 the Hewlett-Packard (HP) Software Security Response Team announced that a potential security vulnerability has been identified with certain Record Management Services (RMS) patch kits for HP OpenVMS running on ALPHA platforms.  Learn more....


Gartner Report: Best Practices: Migration Planning for Alpha Server Users

OpenVMS and Tru64 Unix users commonly ask several questions regarding best practices for ongoing Alpha and Itanium deployments, or migration to x86 or reduced instruction set computer platforms. Learn more....

OpenVMS Advertising

In a recent discussion string on the Connect OpenVMS SIG e-mail list, SCI’s Brad McCusker made reference to “an AlphaServer billboard in Prague that had a picture of a Harley Davidson Motorcycle, a Wildfire server, and mentioned OpenVMS”.  Brad is pleased to share it here.


Release of HP OpenVMS (CIFS) Version V1.1 based on Samba

The HP OpenVMS CIFS Engineering group is pleased to announce the release of HP OpenVMS Common Internet File System (CIFS) Version V1.1, based on Samba V3.0.28A, in support of both Alpha and Integrity server systems.


OpenVMS Operating System & Operating Environments
Support Chart as of March 2008

Current version-level support (Standard Support) and Prior Version Support (PVS) for OpenVMS operating system software will be provided for its versions in accordance with the following OpenVMS Operating System and Operating Environments Support Chart. This chart will be updated regularly to reflect new version release dates and end-of-service dates for previous versions.

Distributed NetBeans Version 5.5 FT3 Now Available
for OpenVMS AlphaServer systems and Integrity servers

OpenVMS Engineering is pleased to announce the availability of Distributed NetBeans Version 5.5 FT3 for OpenVMS AlphaServer systems and Integrity servers.  Distributed NetBeans allows you to run the NetBeans integrated development environment (IDE) on your desktop system to develop applications on a remote HP OpenVMS system.

HP OpenVMS Common Internet File System (CIFS)
Version 1.0, based on Samba V3.0.24, is now available

HP OpenVMS Common Internet File System (CIFS) for OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS Integrity provides users with seamless file and print interoperability between OpenVMS and Windows-based clients.


HP White Paper:

OpenVMS on Integrity Server blades for HP Bladesystem c-Class

OpenVMS is now available on a modern, highly efficient, ultra-flexible, and easy-to-manage architecture—the HP Integrity server blade deployed in the HP Blade System c-Class enclosure. Migrating from legacy OpenVMS architectures to the newest Integrity server blade/Blade System c-Class platform will keep businesses powered by OpenVMS operating in a safe, reliable environment.


HP Announces OpenVMS version 8.3-1H1 for Integrity servers

HP is pleased to announce the release of OpenVMS version 8.3-1H1 for Integrity servers OpenVMS version 8.3-1H1 includes all the capabilities of its predecessor, and introduces new features and hardware support.



Performance comparison: HP OpenVMS on

HP Alpha Server and HP Integrity systems

HP and customer tests compare the performance of applications running on OpenVMS AlphaServer and OpenVMS Integrity systems.  Results strongly indicate that OpenVMS users can obtain substantial performance improvements on the HP Integrity server platform. Moreover, ongoing enhancements in the OpenVMS operating system itself can also improve application performance.

WorkStream availability is critical to efficient wafer manufacturing – even a brief outage can cause a disruption to work flow, the scrapping of wafers, and idling of equipment and personnel.  Loss of data can be catastrophic.

This article discusses many of the design principals that Software Concepts International (SCI) uses to manage highly available WorkStream databases worldwide.

A successful migration from VAX or Alpha to HP’s new Integrity Server line brings significant performance benefits and will likely reduce system maintenance and support costs. Using innovative migration strategies, SCI has successfully migrated several of our large, high-availability clients to AlphaServer systems and more recently to Integrity servers – with less than 2 hours total downtime for the entire system migration.

SCI can assist you in getting your application to run in the new HP Integrity environment giving you more features, flexibility, reliability and performance – faster than you imagined.

Conversions between CODASYL (network) and relational databases can be a difficult and time-consuming task. Experience is a critical success factor when reviewing successful versus failed conversion projects. As a leader in both CODASYL and relational database technologies, SCI is uniquely positioned to assist with conversions between these database types.

SCI's team of professional database administrators utilize the industry's best-known practices for managing, monitoring and maintaining high-performance, mission-critical databases worldwide. Using advanced database administration software tools, our DBAs monitor the pulse of our client's databases throughout the world.

Founded in 1987, SCI pioneered Remote Database Administration. We provide database administration support for many of the world's largest and most respected business names from Aerospace to Semiconductor manufacturing.

Oracle has selected SCI as the exclusive provider of Oracle CODASYL DBMS training, worldwide. Oracle's selection process was based on SCI's reputation for high-quality training classes taught by knowledgeable instructors in a professional training environment.

SCI's Release Notes Summary is an index of key product enhancements, "bug fixes" and support information for Rdb and CODASYL DBMS.


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