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The database administration methodologies and technologies included in DBAdministrator are based on years of experience in managing mission-critical databases throughout the world. SCI has encapsulated these database management methods into a comprehensive Database Administration software suite DBAdministrator. With DBAdministrator, you can manage your databases with the same set of tools that SCI's own internal team of experts use to manage databases worldwide. DBAdministrator monitors your database environment 24 x 7, providing you with the peace and security of knowing your databases are carefully guarded.

Whether managing a single local database or a global enterprise of remote databases, SCI’s software solutions enable clients to manage their database environments with the security and confidence demanded in today’s unforgiving business environment. Incorporating these solutions into an overall database management strategy allows technology managers to significantly increase database reliability, availability and performance by maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of the database administration team.

These tools provide all critical database management functions, including backup and recovery, consistency verification, utilization analysis, automatic notification of critical events and job monitoring. Optional features include hot-standby support, active stall monitor and client server manager.





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