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When corruption occurs in your database, you have few options for effectively repairing it. Corruption that is isolated to a few CHAIN set pointers may be repaired manually using the DBO/ALTER utility. However, what do you do if the damage is more extensive or involves damaged INDEXED set indices? The solution is to surgically remove the damaged set pointers and indices with DBInitialize. Once the damaged sets have been initialized (removed from the database), you can use the binary file of set pointers created by DBInitialize to quickly restore the set information.

While recent versions of Oracle CODASYL DBMS™ have made it possible to unload and load specific storage areas, what do you do if your database isn't quite up to the latest version? Unloading and loading large databases may require huge amounts of downtime unless you can restructure specific storage areas. After unloading the appropriate data from the "problem area," DBInitialize allows the Database Administrator to initialize and resize the "problem area" while maintaining the consistency of the database preparing the area for the reload.

Whether repairing extensive database corruption or reloading individual storage areas, DBInitialize allows Oracle CODASYL DBMS™ database administrators to initialize various database objects, including areas, records and sets safely and efficiently.





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