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Software Concepts International is widely recognized as the leading provider of services for Oracle Rdb™ and Oracle CODASYL DBMS™ databases. Our database management software products provide solutions to real-world Rdb™ and CODASYL DBMS™ requirements – increased availability, security, data protection and performance. If your data matters, you need our tools!



DBAdministrator is a comprehensive suite of database administration tools that allow you to manage your mission critical databases with confidence. The methodologies imbedded in DBAdministrator are based on several years of experience managing a broad range of mission-critical databases. With DBAdministrator, you can monitor and manage a database at remote offshore facility as easily as the database in the local server-room.



DBInitialize is the tool of choice for repairing complex database corruption. ORACLE CODASYL DBMS™ does not allow you to “drop” set-types or indices. However, DBInitialize does exactly that – by allowing you to initialize corrupted data structures. DBInitialize is a critical resource for resolving severe database corruption, quickly and safely.  DBInitialize’s power doesn’t end with it’s ability to drop DBMS SETs – it can also drop record-types or entire areas – allowing database restructuring to be partitioned into manageable pieces.




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