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Client/Server Manger


The Client/Server Manager option for DBAdministrator, provides the reliability of a VMS cluster and the performance benefits of a dedicated database server.

The most advanced performance options for Oracle Rdb and Oracle CODASYL DBMS are only available to databases that are opened on a single node.  Row-caches, Very Large Memory (VLM), Optimized Page Transfers – can only be implemented if the NODE_COUNT is set to 1 – excluding use in a typical cluster environment. 

By implementing Rdb or DBMS in a transparent client/server environment, your application runs on any (or all) VMS cluster nodes while SCI’s Client/Server manager selects the “server” node.  The database is configured to take advantage of all Rdb and DBMS performance features available to fully utilize the power and memory capacity of the AlphaServer.  In the event of a failure of the server node, a new server node is automatically selected and all clients automatically reference the new server.

Awesome performance and VMS Cluster reliability.

SCI’s Client/Server manager option can be configured in a number of arrangements – an all-Alpha cluster or a mixed VAX and Alpha cluster.  It is even possible to leave your legacy application running in a VAX environment while the database is served by any number of Alpha systems.  This can result in huge performance gains without incurring application re-licensing fees.



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