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As an optional feature of SCI’s Remote DBA database management service, a Hot-Standby database is an up-to-date copy of the production database that is automatically synchronized with updates made to the production environment. 

The “disaster tolerance” protection offered by SCI’s hot-standby solutions are obvious; in the event of a catastrophic failure of your production database, a “Hot-Standby” database is ready for production use – keeping your business running. 

SCI’s Hot-Standby solution provides more than just disaster tolerance.  SCI’s Hot-Standby option actually improves performance of the production database by eliminating the overhead associated with required database maintenance tasks from the production environment. 

  • No stalls waiting for the backup to obtain the “quietpoint” lock.
  • No “page lock” contention between production users and database maintenance tasks.
  • No I/O or CPU contention between production users and database maintenance tasks.
  • Eliminate excessive snapshot I/O and growth caused by long running database maintenance tasks.

SCI can maintain your Hot-Standby database on either a local node within your production VMS Cluster or a remote VMS node located anywhere on your network.

Protection from media failures is provided by a local hot standby – the standby copy of your production database is maintained on physically separate disks from the production database.

For protection from site disasters, SCI can maintain a hot-standby copy of your production database on a remote VMS system, located anywhere on your network.  A disaster at one site does not destroy your most important asset – your data!

Whether maintained locally or on a remote node, both options provide the same performance benefits by eliminating database maintenance overhead from your production environment.

If data protection and performance are critical issues for your database, SCI’s Hot-Standby solution is a “must have”.  



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