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Reference Database

The reference database option for Remote DBA, allows SCI database experts to create and maintain additional copies of your production database for reporting or testing purposes. 

A reporting reference database speeds report generation by creating a specially maintained database that meets the unique needs of a report-only environment. Report generation times can be cut in half or more with a properly tuned reference database. 

Improve production performance. Because a reporting database is a copy of your production database – not the production database itself – locking, CPU and I/O bottlenecks are eliminated from the production environment. Don’t let reporting impact production! 

A testing reference database is a “must have” whether you are involved in a full development effort or “maintaining” a stable production environment. A separate “test” database allows you to safely test enhancements and production bug fixes without risking damage to your production data. 

Our creative solutions allow us to make a reference database, regardless of size, available within seconds or minutes of any specified cut-off time. Ready, set, report! 

Reference databases are created by SCI to meet your scheduling needs as an optional feature of our Remote DBA Services.  




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