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Remote DBA
Programmers are everywhere, but who is managing
your most critical asset - your database?

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 SCI's Remote DBA Service allows Oracle Rdb™ and Oracle CODASYL DBMS™ customers to outsource the Database Administration support with confidence. Remote DBA support provides around-the-clock monitoring and management using the best known practices for all database maintenance tasks. Our customers have seen a significant increase in database availability, performance and reliability.

After an initial review of the customer's database environment, SCI installs the DBAdministrator software at the customer site. Once configured, this software performs the day-to-day database maintenance and monitoring tasks and notifies the servers at SCI's offices of all database events. Servers at SCI's offices examines each message from all Remote DBA sites and dispatches the appropriate action. SCI's database experts are instantly notified of any changes to the database that may degrade performance or place the database at risk - and they take appropriate action to divert a problem.

Included in the Remote DBA Service, clients receive a monthly DBA Report.  This report keeps clients informed about important issues and events affecting their database environment.

The core DBA services are those necessary for maintaining the health, security and performance of the database environment. Some of the services we provide are database backups, restores, analyzes, verifications, monitoring database growth, restructuring, crisis management and corruption repairs. 

Our Remote DBA customers can also benefit from the following optional services:

  • Hot-Standby Databases - provides significantly greater disaster protection, while allowing many database maintenance tasks to be offloaded from the production database.
  • Reference Databases - generate ad-hoc or scheduled copies of your production database for reporting, testing or "what-if" analysis.
  • Active Stall Monitor - Identify and resolve long database stalls automatically!  Don't be caught waiting for that next database lock.
  • Client/Server Manager - Dramatically improve database performance through the use of a database server while providing transparent access to your application through the use of client/server architecture.  SCI's Client/Server Manager provides automatic fail over of the database server to any available nodes should the server node fail providing VMS Cluster reliability with the performance of a dedicated database server.





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