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Rdb 4.1

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Oracle releases Rdb version 4.1
    Updates to Rdb may be obtained directly from Oracle Support


Problems Corrected (Rdb V4.1.0)
2.1.1 VMS Sort Utility for VMS V5.1, V5.2, and V5.3 Caused Problems with Rdb/VMS Databases
2.2 Software Errors Fixed in V4.1 That Apply to All Interfaces
2.2.1 Rdb/VMS Behavior Had Changed so That Buffers Were Emptied on Rollback
2.2.2 Lock-Related Looping Problem
2.2.3 NOWAIT Transactions Started During a Recovery Process Caused an RDMS-F-AREABUSY Fatal error.
2.2.4 Bugcheck Sometimes Resulted When a Sorted Index Rebalanced Itself
2.2.5 Locking Protocol Problem Caused Bugchecks
2.2.6 SPAM Pages Were Not Updated Correctly
2.2.7 Global Section Was Corrupted When a User Had Multiple Attaches
2.2.8 Range Query Returned Unexpected Results
2.2.9 Some Update-Intensive Applications Experienced a Performance Degradation in Rdb/VMS V4.0 Compared to V3.1B
2.2.10 Rdb/VMS Doing a Remote Fetch Went into a Compute Bound Loop When the Network Link Failed
2.2.11 Wrong RDBINTSHR.EXE Image Was Installed for Interactive License Customers
2.2.12 Active Transactions in Application Programs Could Not Recover from Network Failures Using Event Flags Caused Conflicts with
2.2.14 An Access Violation Resulted When DECdtm Services and DECnet Services Were Not Running
2.2.15 If a Commit Failed During a One-Phase Commit Protocol When an Explicit Distributed Transaction Was Run, It Caused a Prematur
2.2.16 The Rdb/VMS DISTRIBTRAN Privilege Was Not Available for Remote Database Access
2.2.17 Problem with the Use of Virtual Memory
2.2.18 Virtual Memory Increased with Some Fourth-Generation Languages
2.2.19 Remote File Specifications Were Incorrectly Formatted
2.2.20 SORTWORK Files Were Not Closed Properly During Image Rundown
2.2.21 Monitor Produced a Bugcheck in the MON$FIND_USER Routine
2.2.22 A Bugcheck Was Produced Within the Monitor Log File During Heavy Monitor Activity
2.2.23 Rdb/VMS Monitor Failed When the Last User Finished on a Particular Database
2.2.24 Defining a Remote Logical Name Denied Access to the Local Node
2.2.25 Transfer of Large Blocks of Data over the Network Resulted in an Error
2.2.26 Problem When Database Was Defined as Remote
2.2.27 RDB$REMOTE Account That Has SYSTEM as Owner Creates Installation Problems
2.2.28 Rdb/VMS Did Not Accept the Database File Specification in a Logical Name
2.2.29 UPDATE Privilege Access for a Table with DACCESS Audit Event Was Not Captured
2.2.30 DACCESS Audit Event Required a Minimal Set of Privileges for Auditing to Occur
2.2.31 Audited Privileges for DACCESS Audit Event for Views and View-Columns Were Not Being Imported
2.2.32 Audited Privileges for DACCESS Audit Event for Columns Were Not Being Copied to the New Column Definition During an SQL ALTE
2.2.33 Deleting and Then Creating a Logical Area and Accessing the Schema Caused a Page Checksum Bugcheck
2.2.34 Partitioned Sorted Index Stored the First Record Incorrectly
2.2.35 Partitioned Sorted Indexes Resulted in Various Problems
2.2.36 You Could Not Define Views Based on System Relations
2.2.37 Altering Domain and Column Attribute Caused FLDINUSE Error
2.2.38 Unnecessary Privileges Were Stored for the Database or Tables
2.2.39 BUGCHECK Occurred on Rollback/Redefinition of CREATE STORAGE MAP . . . STORE LIST Statement
2.2.40 Problem in PSII$DELETE_EMPTY_NODE Caused an Error
2.2.41 Defining a Partitioned Hashed Index Resulted in Corruption
2.2.42 Unable to Delete a Collating Sequence That Was No Longer in Use
2.2.43 Nontext Fields with Collating Sequences Produced Incorrect Results with Constraints
2.2.44 CHANGE DATABASE Statement Resulted in Bad Parameter Error Message
2.2.45 Change in Operation of Index Deletion
2.2.46 Privilege Violation in Batch-Update Caused Database Corruption
2.2.47 Collating Sequence Problems
2.2.48 Improper Error Displayed When Exporting and Importing to Use a Different Collating Sequence
2.2.49 ALTER STORAGE MAP Statement Caused a Bugcheck When Combined with Disabling Compression
2.2.50 Synchronization Problem for an Empty Sorted Index
2.2.51 Defining a View Caused a Bugcheck When a Sorted Index Was Previously Defined
2.2.52 Collating Sequences That Used Two-to-Two Character Mapping Could Bugcheck
2.2.53 Disabling Compression When Changing a Table's Storage Map to Use a Different Storage Area Caused a Bugcheck
2.2.54 REORGANIZE Clause Caused a Bugcheck
2.2.55 REORGANIZE PAGES Had No Affect When Moving Records from the RDB$SYSTEM Storage Area into a New Storage Area and Placing Them
2.2.56 Area Allocation Was Displayed Incorrectly
2.2.57 Several Miscellaneous Problems Occurred with Triggers
2.2.58 Interaction of a Trigger with the Modify of a Segmented String May Cause a "NO_RECORD" Failure on Commit
2.2.59 Problem with Improper Interactions Between Trigger Actions and Triggering Statements
2.2.60 An Incorrect Value Was Stored or a Bugcheck Resulted When Using BEFORE UPDATE or BEFORE MODIFY Triggers
2.2.61 Certain Queries Using Substrings Produced Incorrect Results
2.2.62 Updating the Cardinality of a Relation Caused a Bugcheck
2.2.63 CONTAIN Predicate Caused Uppercase Type in the Second Byte of Some Two-Octet Characters
2.2.64 Negate Operator Incorrectly Propagated the NULL Bit While Processing a Record Stream
2.2.65 UPDATE Operation Stored Incorrect Results
2.2.66 UPDATE Operation Caused a Bugcheck
2.2.67 Unacceptable VALID IF from CDO
2.2.68 MODIFY Operation Caused Index Corruption on Partitioned Hash Indexes
2.2.69 RDB$DBKEY_LENGTH System Field Was Incorrect for Certain Views
2.2.70 View Updates and the CHECK OPTION Clause Worked Incorrectly
2.2.71 Problem Comparing Different Data Types
2.2.72 COMPUTED BY Columns Allocated Space Within the Stored Row
2.2.73 Unnecessary Evaluation of Certain Types of Constraints Occurred on Record Insertion
2.2.74 Unexpected Lock Conflict on Freeze Error
2.2.76 Comparing Integer and Text Fields Caused Problems
2.2.77 Arithmetic Exception Resulted When Joining Integer Columns
2.2.78 COBOL Lines Were Generated That Did Not Comply with the ANSI Standards
2.2.79 Optimization of Constraint Processing Was Limited
2.2.80 Rdb/VMS Hung on a SELECT Statement When a Column Data Type Was Changed from INTEGER to CHARACTER to DATE
2.2.81 NOWAIT Transactions Had Their Buffers Invalidated at Commit Time
2.2.82 Bugcheck Occurred with an Exception at RDMS$$RSS$ASN_FOR_RSS$NDX
2.2.83 INSERT Command to Double the Contents of a Table Resulted in an I/O Loop
2.2.84 Query Using Descending Indexes Returned Incorrect Results
2.2.85 Query with SQL LIKE Returned Incorrect Results
2.2.86 Query with Compressed Indexes Returned Incorrect Results
2.2.87 Query Returned Incorrect Results
2.2.88 Poor Performance Was Observed with Queries Using Dynamic OR Optimization Within the Leaf Retrieval
2.2.89 Query Returned Records in Wrong Order if Sorted in Descending Order with the SQL ORDER BY DESCENDING or the RD
2.2.90 Shared Write Queries Consumed More Memory Than Expected
2.2.91 Query Optimizer Caused Various Bugchecks When Queries Were Run
2.2.92 Poor Performance Was Experienced While Retrieving Views by Dbkey
2.2.93 Wrong Results Were Returned from Queries That Used Collating Sequences and the STARTING WITH "" Relational Operator
2.2.94 Queries with Computed Expressions and Indexes Returned the Wrong Results
2.2.95 Queries with Computed Expressions Returned the Wrong Results
2.2.96 Key-Only Boolean Optimization Was Underutilized by the Query Optimizer
2.2.97 Total Relation Boolean Was Not Generated Properly in a Leaf Strategy
2.2.98 Using Placement via Sorted Index Clause to Store Rows in a Uniform Area Could Cause the Wrong Query Optimizer Strategy to Be
2.2.99 Incorrect Results Were Returned on Join Operations Using Partitioned Indexes
2.2.100Join Query Matched a Null Aggregate or Expression to a Column with Zeros or Blanks and Produced Incorrect Results
2.2.101Read/Write Query with Multiple Range Predicates on an Index Column Performed Poorly
2.2.102Query Optimizer Did Not Choose Index-Only Retrieval When the Dbkey Was Selected
2.2.103Optimizer Did Not Recognize That an Index Segment Was Compressed
2.2.104Multisegmented Index Was Not Selected When a Not-Equal Predicate Was Specified
2.2.105Singleton Subselect Statement Returned Incorrect Results
2.2.106Query with a FOR Loop and MODIFY Statement Followed by a PRINT Statement Returned Incorrect Results
2.2.107Query with a Computed-By Field and OR Logic Returned Incorrect Results
2.2.108Query with Keys Scanned the Index Instead of Using Direct Tree Lookup
2.2.109RDBPRE Query Using Dynamic OR Optimization Returned Wrong Results
2.2.110SQLMOD Query Returned Empty Rows
2.2.111Under Certain Circumstances a Committed Update Was Not Completely Written to the .AIJ File
2.2.112Problem with SPAM Thresholds in a Recover Operation
2.2.113After-Image Journal File Create or Modify Operation Allowed Nonsystem Concealed Logical Names to Be Used
2.2.114Recovery Failed When It Tried to Undo a Create Logical Area Operation
2.2.115Recovery-Unit Journal (.RUJ) Files Could Not Be Created Using Angle Brackets (<>)
2.2.116Bugcheck Occurred if the .AIJ File Could Not Be Opened, Possibly Resulting in LAT Termination
2.2.117RMU/MONITOR/START Operation at System Startup with Global Buffers Enabled Could Result in an Exceeded Quota Error
2.3 SQL Software Errors Fixed in V4.1
2.3.1 ALTER DOMAIN Statement Did Not Allow the DATE Data Type to Be Converted to VARCHAR
2.3.2 Altering Column from One Data Type to Another Could Cause Various Exceptions When Records Containing NULL Values in That Col
2.3.3 ALTER STORAGE MAP Command Resulted in the Loss of Data
2.3.4 Importing a Database with Tables Containing Lists (Segmented Strings) Failed
2.3.5 SQL IMPORT Printed Dates in the User's Format
2.3.6 Source Attributes for Storage Maps Were Not Saved in Pre-V3.1 SQL IMPORT Operations
2.3.7 INDEX Percent Fill and Node Size Information
2.3.8 Complete Export Consistency
2.3.9 More Informative Error Message
2.3.10 Earlier Information Not Previously Exported
2.3.11 Certain Trigger Definitions Caused a Bugcheck
2.3.12 Triggers Created with Long Source Text Strings Were Improperly Displayed
2.3.13 Triggers Created from Programs Had Their Source Text Truncated by a Word
2.3.14 SQL_DYNAMIC.C Sample Program Error Is Fixed
2.3.15 Null Handling Problem Occurred When Using SQL Module Language and Dynamic SQL Availability
2.3.16 Incorrect Conversion of Numeric Data Types Caused Erroneous Values for Scales
2.3.17 SQLTYPE Value Fixed in the SQLDA
2.3.18 Bugcheck Returned by the System When a User with Incorrect Privileges Showed Protection on a Schema
2.3.19 Record Parameters Could Not Be Used Where Values Were Expected
2.3.20 SQL Incompatibilities in Rdb/VMS V4.0 That Are Fixed in Rdb/VMS V4.0B and V4.1 Incompatibilities Between Object Modules Incompatibilities Between TABLE and LIST Cursors Incompatibilities Between Cursors and COMMIT or ROLLBACK Statements
2.3.21Message Vector Contained Erroneous Information About the Number of Longwords Used
2.3.22Data Dictionary (CDD/Plus) Fields with Scales Were Not Always Properly Translated
2.3.23UNION Queries Returned Incorrect Data on Numeric Data Types
2.3.24Modules That Used the DECLARE TRANSACTION Statement Were Ignoring TXN Attributes
2.3.25Embedded SQL Ada Programs Could Not Use LIST Cursors
2.3.26Views That Selected Dbkeys Caused a Bugcheck
2.3.27Dynamic SQL Statements with Indicator Arrays Were Not Correctly Handled Prior to Rdb/VMSV4.0B
2.3.28SQL Allocated More Memory Than Necessary Duringa Dynamic SET TRANSACTION Statement
2.3.29Preparing a Statement with D-Float Parameters Caused a Bugcheck
2.3.30Memory Was Lost Between Database Attaches
2.3.31Using the IGNORE CASE Option of the LIKE Clause Sometimes Resulted in a Query That Incorrectly Returned No Rows
2.3.32SQL SELECT Statement Resulted in an Invalid BLR error
2.3.33Storage of Records Containing NULL Values Using Dynamic SQL Caused an Arithmetic Exception
2.3.34Input VARCHAR Parameter Actual Value Was Longer Than Procedure Parameter
2.3.35SELECT Operation of an Altered Table Resulted in an Infinite Loop
2.3.36Opening a Cursor That Was Already Opened Caused the Cursor to Lose Its State
2.3.37Executing the ROLLBACK Statement with OPEN List Cursors Left List Cursors in an Unusable State
2.3.38Executing the COMMIT Statement with OPEN List Cursors Did Not Commit the Newly Created Lists
2.3.39OPEN Statement of an INSERT TABLE CURSOR Did Not Properly Return Error Status
2.3.40Records Included from the Data Dictionary in the C Preprocessor Did Not Null-Terminate Character Strings
2.4 SQL/Services Errors Fixed in V4.1
2.4.1 Trailing Characters Appeared on SQL/Service Sample Program Error Messages
2.4.2 sqlsrv_fetch_many Routine Caused Problems on the Macintosh Platform
2.4.3 Unpredictable Results Occurred When Trying to Store Segmented Strings from the Macintosh Environment Using DECnet
2.4.4 Certain Calls to the sqlsrv_fetch_many Routine Caused Problems
2.4.5 Authorization Failure Occurred When SYSUAF Flag LOCKPWD Was Set
2.4.6 Column Limit Raised to 500
2.4.7 SQL/Services Failure Did Not Produce a Bugcheck File
2.4.8 SQL$STARTUP.COM Startup File Contained an Error in the SQL/Services Startup Logical Name
2.4.9 Node Names Containing Numeric Characters Were Improperly Made Uppercase in OS/2 API
2.4.10SQLSRV_ASCII_STRING Data Type and NULL Termination
2.4.11Compilation Error Fixed for SQL/Services ULTRIX Sample Application
2.4.12SQL/Services MS-DOS IVP Failure Is Fixed
2.4.13SQL/Services Length Packet Split Problem Is Fixed
2.4.14Problem Freeing Network Connections for SQL/Services ULTRIX API Is Fixed
2.4.15VMS Application Programming Interface (API) Installation Failed Without Rdb/VMS
2.4.16Failure of SQL/Services Communication Server to Report Error Status Is Fixed
2.4.17SQL/Services Shutdown Procedure Problem Is Fixed
2.4.18SQL/Services Startup File Changes
2.4.19SQL/Services Macintosh API Code Fixes SQL/Services Now Allows Changing the Name of the Macintosh System Folder SQL/Services SQLSRV$Volume installation Volume Can Now Be Accessed on the Macintosh SQL/Services Now Looks for PATHWORKS DECnet Tool Instead of DECtask Tool SQL/Services Macintosh API Fix for Macintosh Systems Based on the Motorola 68000 Chip
2.4.20SQL/Services Proxy File Fixes
2.4.21SQL/Services Client Application Logging Fixes
2.4.22SQL/Services API Fetch Routines Are Fixed
2.4.23More Pertinent Error Message Is Returned When Passing an Invalid Class Name in the sqlsrv_set_server_class Routine
2.5 RDO and RDBPRE Software Errors Fixed in V4.1
2.5.1 Bugcheck Was Returned Because the CHANGE FIELD Had No VALID IF Clause
2.5.2 Incorrect Value Was Stored During an RDO STORE or MODIFY Operation
2.5.3 Multiple RDO Statements in a FOR Loop Caused Unpredictable Results
2.5.4 Query Using Static OR and a Common Subexpression in Two or More OR Legs Produced
2.5.5 Incorrect Results RDO IMPORT Operation Did Not Save All SQL Defined Attributes
2.5.6 RDO IMPORT Statement Default Is CDD_LINKS, as Documented
2.5.7 RDO IMPORT Failed to Detect Illegal Zero Values Specified on the IMPORT Command
2.5.8 Problem with Callable RDO and Varying String Descriptors
2.5.9 RDB$INTERPRET Now Fully Supports VS (Varying String) Descriptors
2.5.10RDBPRE Generated Incorrect Code for Request Handles
2.5.11Wrong Number of Records Was Returned by a Query in an Inner FOR Loop
2.6 RDML Software Errors Fixed in V4.1
2.6.1 Shared Fields in a Relation and a View Caused a Bugcheck
2.6.2 RDML-E-READ_ONLY Error Was Returned When Attempting to Update COMPUTED BY Fields
2.6.3 Precompiler Aborted When Processing RDB$MISSING in an RSE
2.6.4 Code Was Incorrectly Generated for RDB$MISSING in the GET Statement
2.6.5 Error Resulted in Generating Double Precision Constants for Pascal
2.6.6 Changing Records in CDD/Plus Caused an Error
2.6.7 CDD/Plus Informational Message Caused RDML to Abort Compilation
2.6.8 RDML Generated a Fatal Error Message When It Encountered an Informational CDD/Plus Message
2.6.9 Problem with RDML Read-Only Field
2.7 RMU Software Errors Fixed in V4.1
2.7.1 TA90E and TA91 Tape Drives Were Not Recognized in Rdb/VMS V4.0 and V4.0A
2.7.2 Returned DCL $STATUS Was Inconsistent Between RMU Commands
2.7.3 Index Cardinality Was Not Maintained When an Application Performed Only a Few Insertions or Deletions
2.7.4 Behavior of RMU/BACKUP Was Confusing When Tape Volume Protection Was Used
2.7.5 RMU/BACKUP Command Was Incompatible with the VMS MOUNT/NOUNLOAD Commands
2.7.6 RMU/BACKUP Command Required Tapes on Each Drive to Be Mounted
2.7.7 RMU/BACKUP Command Failed to Overlap the Rewind-Dismount and Write of the Next Volume
2.7.8 VMS BACKUP Was Incompatible with the RMU/BACKUP and RMU/RESTORE Commands
2.7.9 Problems with Tape Label Checking in the RMU/BACKUP and RMU/RESTORE Commands
2.7.10RMU/RESTORE Stopped Searching a Tape for the Named Backup File if It Encountered a Zero-Length File
2.7.11AIJ No-Quiet-Point Backup Could Corrupt the .AIJ File
2.7.12/INTERVAL Qualifier of the RMU/BACKUP/AFTER_JOURNAL Command Miscalculated a Specified Interval Value
2.7.13RMU/CLOSE/CLUSTER/WAIT/ABORT=FORCEX Command Hung the Database
2.7.14Privileges Required to Execute the RMU/DUMP, RMU/OPEN, and RMU/CLOSE Commands
2.7.15RMU/CONVERT Command Failed with a Default Collating Sequence Defined
2.7.16RMU/COPY or RMU/MOVE Command Incorrectly Copied Area Inventory Pages (AIP)
2.7.17DISTRIBTRAN Privilege Was Not Audited Correctly by Security Auditing Facility
2.7.18Problem with RMU/SHOW USERS and RMU/SHOW SYSTEM Commands and VMS WORLD Privileges
2.7.19RMU/REPAIR Command Caused Database Corruption-Problem I
2.7.20RMU/REPAIR Command Caused Database Corruption-Problem II
2.7.21SPAM Threshold Calculations Resulted in Errors Reported by the RMU/VERIFY Command
2.7.22RMU/VERIFY Reported False AIPENTMBZ Warning Messages
2.7.23Hashed Index Verification Caused Buffer Flushing Problem
2.7.24RMU/VERIFY Did Not Properly Verify Databases Converted to V4.1 Using the RMU/CONVERT/NOCOMMIT Command
2.7.25RMU/VERIFY Could Report False BADSEGDBK Errors
2.7.26RMU/VERIFY Did Not Do .AIJ File Verification if the User Did Not Have Sufficient Privileges to Open the .AIJ File
2.7.27RMU/VERIFY/INDEX or RMU/VERIFY/ALL Command Caused a Bugcheck if You Had Hashed Indexes Defined
2.7.28RMU/VERIFY Command Returned Spurious Errors Involving Fragmented Records
2.7.29RMU/VERIFY Command Reported False MINGTRSIZ Error Messages
2.8 Software Errors Related to CDD/Plus Fixed in V4.1
2.8.1 Using CDD/Plus to Specify Collating Sequences Returned an Error
2.8.2 SQL or RDO Hung During Integrate Operation and a Ctrl/Y Was Not Possible
2.9 CDD/Plus Software Errors Fixed That Affected Rdb/VMS
2.10 Software Errors Fixed in Rdb/VMS That Affected Other Products
2.10.1Invalid Data Was Sent to DECtrace for the Transaction Event



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