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Rdb 4.1.1

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Oracle releases Rdb version 4.1.1
    Updates to Rdb may be obtained directly from Oracle Support


Problems Corrected (Rdb V4.1.1)
1.1 Installation Did Not Check for Existing UIC
1.3 .AIJ File Could Contain Duplicate Data Records
1.4 Deadlocks on Backup of .AIJ Files
1.5 RMU/BACKUP/AFTER_JOURNAL Failed Trying to Truncate the .AIJ File
1.6 A Self-Insert Query with Mapped Columns incorrectly Stored NULL Values
1.7 Bugcheck at PSIISCAN$END_SCAN + 26 After Lock exceptions
1.8 Bugcheck at UTIO$TRNLNM + 0000008a
1.9 Bugcheck at RDMS$$INSERT_SYMBOL + 0BC and Other Offsets
1.10 Bugcheck at RDMS$$EXE_OPEN + 63 on Query
1.11 Bugcheck When Monitor Generated Section Name That Was Not Unique
1.12 Memory Corruption Sometimes Caused Error
1.13 Metadata Corruption from Committing After Failed ALTER, CREATE, or DROP Statements
1.14 Possible Access Violation with SET TRANSACTION
1.15 RDB$REMOTE_BUFFER_SIZE Was Translated Only from the Process Table
1.16 Failure to Delete or Update Existing Records
1.17 Update Attempt Generated Incorrect RDB-E-READ_ONLY_REL Error
1.18 RDML Generated Incorrect RDML-E-READ_ONLY Error
1.19 Unnecessary Arithmetic Exceptions for Divide and Multiply Operations
1.20 Importing Large Databases with Many Storage Areas
1.21 Trailing Spaces in Selection Value Caused Incorrect Data Retrieval
1.22 RDML Generated Incorrect RDML-W-JOIN_ATTRIBUTE Error
1.23 Constraints Checked Only for Database First Declared
1.24 Possible Database Corruption from Fragmented Segmented String Records
1.25 Monitor Exhausted Virtual Memory
1.26 Bugcheck at KOD$UNBIND + 133 Affected Detaching from Database
1.27 Undeleted Mailbox Channels Could Cause Server Failure
1.28 Monitor Terminated Abnormally When Closing a Database
1.29 Segmented Index Search Returned Incorrect Results
1.30 Corrupted Segmented Strings
1.31 RMU/RESTORE/ONLY_ROOT Incorrectly Updated the Root File
1.32 Intermittent Access Violation Showed as an Error Condition
1.33 RMU/VERIFY/ALL Erroneously Flagged an Error
1.34 RMU/VERIFY/ALL Exceeded Quota
1.35 RMU/VERIFY Bugchecked When Displaying Certain Messages
1.36 Incorrect Results Were Returned If First Value Was NULL
1.37 VERIFY Command Mishandled Root Files
1.38 Join Query with Complex WHERE Clause Containing OR Predicate Returned Wrong Result
1.39 SQL/Services TCP/IP Support Did Not Work for Messages That Exceeded the Client Write Buffer Size
1.40 Remote Start Transactions
1.41 B-Tree Corruption Resulted from Reorganizing Sorted Indexes
1.42 Wrong Results Were Returned for Some Retrieval Strategies
1.43 Optimizer Chose Wrong Index for DELETE
1.44 Transaction Parameter Block Error When DECtrace Was Running
1.45 Wrong Results Were Returned After Cursor Was Opened
1.46 Optimizer Bugchecked at RDMS$$EXE_LEAF+453
1.47 SQL UPDATE ONLY Clause Caused Excessive Journal Growth
1.48 CURRENT_TIMESTAMP Did Not Return Actual Current Time
1.50 Incorrect Values During Index-Only Retrial Used Mapped Indexes
1.51 IMPORT Statement Resulted in an Access Violation
1.52 SELECT .* FROM Table Failed with Error
1.53 Distributed Boolean Queries Did Not Always Return Rows
1.54 Rows Not Sorted Correctly When Sorted on VARCHAR Column



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