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Rdb 4.2

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Oracle releases Rdb version 4.2
    Updates to Rdb may be obtained directly from Oracle Support

Problems Corrected (Rdb V4.2.0)
1.1 Software Errors Fixed in V4.2 That Apply to All Interfaces
1.1.1 Bugcheck at RDMS$$COMPILE_INDEX_MAPS + 413 Forced Exit Due to Improper Check of the CRTV
1.1.2 Bugcheck at ADD_STRG_TO_STBL_LISTS + 00000037
1.1.3 Bugcheck at RDMS$$INSERT_SYMBOL + 0BC and Other Offsets
1.1.4 Bugcheck at DBR$ASSIGN_WORK_FILE + 0000018B When Starting Monitor from Invalid Directory with FAST COMMIT Enabled
1.1.5 Bugcheck at MON$CREATE_TROOT_SECTION + CB When Monitor Generated Section Name That is Not Unique
1.1.6 Bugcheck at PSIISCAN$END_SCAN + 26 Occurred After Lock Exceptions
1.1.7 Bugcheck Produced by Restoring Storage Area to Bound-Volume Set
1.1.8 Bugcheck at RDMS$$EXE_OPEN + 78 on Query
1.1.9 Bugchecks May Result from Database Access During Recovery
1.1.10 Bugcheck at KOD$UNBIND + 133 Affected Unbinding From Database
1.1.11 Possible Database Corruption from Fragmented Segmented String Records
1.1.12Memory Corruption Error Fixed
1.1.13RMU/CLOSE/CLUSTER/ABORT=FORCEX Caused Monitor Abnormal Termination
1.1.14Monitor Exhausted Virtual Memory
1.1.15Too Many Operands in Field Caused Stack Overflow
1.1.16DBR Processes May Hang Due To Waiting Lock Requests
1.1.17.AIJ File Could Contain Duplicate Data Records
1.1.18REORGANIZE PAGES Clause Now Supports Single Storage Area
1.1.20REORGANIZE PAGES Clause Moves Data More Efficiently
1.1.21A Self-Insert Query With Mapped Columns Incorrectly Stored NULL Values
1.1.22Runtime Error Message About Inaccessible .AIJ File Added
1.1.23Unnecessary Arithmetic Exceptions for Divide and Multiply Operations Corrected
1.1.24Number of I/O Channels Increased to Correct IMPORT Error
1.1.25Trailing Spaces in Selection Value Caused Incorrect Data Retrieval
1.1.26Expression Within GROUP BY Clause May Cause Incorrect Results When Selecting Rows from a View
1.1.27Update Attempt Generated Incorrect RDB-E-READ_ONLY_REL Error
1.1.28Incorrect Value Returned by Index-Only Retrieval on Mapped Index
1.1.29Segmented Index Search Returned Incorrect Results
1.1.30Multisegment Index Retrieval Using Variables May Return Incorrect Results
1.1.31RDMS$RUJ Logical Defined As Filename Instead of Directory Specification Caused RUJ Problems
1.1.32Default AIP Length for List Storage Areas Increased
1.1.33 Virtual Memory Now Released by a Failing SET TRANSACTION Statement with a Large Transaction Parameter Block (TPB)
1.1.34 Metadata Corruption No Longer Results from Committing Failed ALTER, CREATE, or DROP Statements
1.1.35 Storage Map Recovery Problem Corrected
1.1.36 Clearer Error Message for List Storage Area Deletions
1.1.37 RDO and SQL IMPORT Statements Map List Tables and Columns Correctly
1.1.38 RDO and SQL IMPORT Statement TRACE Option Displays SORT Usage
1.1.39 Singleton Select with View Returned Zero Dbkeys
1.1.40 Failure to Delete or Update Existing Records
1.1.41 Error on a Two-Phase Commit Protocol Start Transaction Caused an Access Violation
1.1.42 SPAM Pages Are Not Initialized by an Incremental Restore Operation if the Restore Operation Is Adding a Storage Area
1.1.43 CREATE VIEW Problem with Included Column Derived from DBKEY Corrected
1.1.44 List Records Should Match the Page Size When Stored on WORM Optical Disk Devices
1.1.45 Mapping Values for an INDEX Can Now Be Used in an RDO or SQL Import Operation
1.1.46 Column RDB$FILE_NAME in Table RDB$DATABASE Returns Value
1.1.47 ALTER TABLE DROP CONSTRAINT Failed with VAX Data Distributor Replication Transfer
1.1.48 Setting the Number of VAXcluster Nodes Did Not Work Correctly in Previous Versions of Rdb/VMS
1.1.49 RDB-E-UNRES_REL Error Could Be Returned After Performing an ALTER STORAGE MAP
1.1.50 Performance Improvement for Storing Unique Sorted Indexes
1.1.51 Clearer Error Message on CREATE/DEFINE STORAGE MAP
1.1.52 Clearer Error Message When Dropping Index Used by Storage Map
1.1.53Many Attaches to and Detaches from the Same or Multiple Databases While Using Search Lists to Point to the Database Used Up I
1.1.54Enhanced Security Checking Implemented
1.1.55Sequential Retrieval No Longer Causes Problems with Dynamic Optimizer
1.2SQL Software Errors Fixed in V4.2
1.2.1 Date/Time INTERVAL Arithmetic Returns Incorrect Results
1.2.2 SUBSTRING Built-in Function FOR Clause Restriction Lifted
1.2.3 Metadata Corruption No Longer Results After Committing Failed Metadata Changes for a DROP TABLE CASCADE
1.2.4 CREATE TABLE Followed by SELECT Statement No Longer Generates OBSOLETE_METADA Error
1.2.5 SET ALL CONSTRAINTS ON Statement Checks All Attached Databases
1.3 RMU Software Errors Fixed in V4.2
1.3.1 RMU/BACKUP/AFTER_JOURNAL Got Deadlock on Freeze if Another DBR Process Ran At The Same Time
1.3.2 Restriction Lifted on the Use of the /NOSPAMS Qualifier
1.3.3 .AIJ Files Are Now Validated When First Opened
1.3.4 Problem with Displaying RMU/SHOW STATISTICS Menus Fixed
1.3.5 RMU/SHOW STATISTICS Now Identifies Remote Processes
1.3.6 Certain RMU Commands Can Now Be Performed on Closed Databases
1.3.7 RMU/EXTRACT Output for an SQL Constraint Check Clause in a CREATE TABLE Statement for a Multischema Database Returned a Synta
1.3.8 RMU/EXTRACT of RDO Trigger Fixed
1.3.9 RMU/EXTRACT Now Produces Correct Results for Views with Subexpressions
1.3.10RMU/EXTRACT Now Recognizes the Keyword ALL in View Definitions
1.4 RMU Software Errors Fixed But Not Documented in V4.1
1.4.1 RMU/COPY DATABASE Error Fixed
1.5 RDO and RDBPRE Software Errors Fixed in V4.2
1.5.1 RDBPRE Detects Illegal ERASE and MODIFY Usage With Cross Clause
1.5.2 RDO Concatenated Expressions in Nested FOR Loops Returned Incorrect Results
1.5.3 RDO Concatenated Expressions Referencing Multiple Databases Returned Incorrect Results
1.5.4 STORE WITHIN and DISABLE/ENABLE COMPRESSION Clauses Cannot Both Be Specified
1.6 RDML Software Errors Fixed in V4.2
1.6.1 Problem Running RDML on a System with No Rdb/VMS License
1.6.2 RDML No Longer Generates Incorrect RDML-E-READ_ONLY Error
1.6.3 RDML No Longer Generates Incorrect RDML-W-JOIN_ATTRIBUTE Error
1.7 SQL/Services Errors Fixed in V4.2
1.7.1 Undeleted Mailbox Channels Can Cause Server Failure
1.7.2 SQL/Services Support for MS-DOS Windows TCP/IP



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