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Rdb 4.2.1

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Oracle releases Rdb version 4.2.1
    Updates to Rdb may be obtained directly from Oracle Support


Problems Corrected (Rdb V4.2.1)
1.1 Determine Version of Rdb/VMS Required to Access a Specified Database
1.2 RMU/RESTORE/ONLY_ROOT Incorrectly Updated the Root File
1.3 RMU/CONVERT/ROLLBACK Command Corrupted System Tables
1.4 RMU/BACKUP/AFTER_JOURNAL Failed Trying to Truncate .AIJ File
1.5 Incorrect .AIJ Backup File Sequence Number
1.6 RMU/EXTRACT/ITEM=VERIFY All Sorted Indexes in Stream 1
1.7 Nullified Segmented Strings Incorrectly Verified
1.8 RMU/VERIFY Bugchecked when Displaying Certain Messages
1.9 Verification of Segmented Strings Required Large Amounts of Memory
1.10 RMU/SHOW STATISTICS Dropped Users to DCL After Third I/O Screen
1.11 RMU/VERIFY Generated PAGTADINV Messages if System Clocks Were Skewed
1.12 Recovery Failure After Abnormal Termination on Remote Node
1.13 Zigzag Match Strategy Looped or Bugchecked
1.14 Bugcheck when Using SQL 'SELECT MIN() FROM TABLE' Statement
1.15 Reorganizing Sorted Indexes Caused B-Tree Corruption
1.16 Segmented String Type Incorrectly Determined
1.17 Domain Attributes Propagated to a Computed By Column if Column Had the Same Name as the Domain
1.18 Monitor Termination Caused DBR Exception
1.19 Monitor Exhausted Virtual Memory
1.20 SQL/Services TCP/IP Support Did Not Operate Properly
1.21 Unary Operators in Aggregates or COMPUTED BY Expressions Caused an ACCVIO
1.22 Queries Using UNION to Merge a DATE VMS Column and CURRENT_TIMESTAMP Generated Errors
1.23 SQL CARRY OVER LOCKS Attribute Lost During Export
1.24 Exception in RDMS$$INSERT_SYMBOL when Using DATATRIEVE
1.25 Long Area Names Truncated by RMU/SHOW STATISTICS
1.26 RMU/MOVE_AREA Command Created an Unnecessary .AIJ File
1.27 Bugcheck Storing Record After Snapshot File Was Truncated
1.28 Stream Name Returned in STRALRDEC Error Message
1.29 SQL$.EXE Completion Status Changed
1.30 Character Set Information Incorrect on Import for Domains with a Text Data Type
1.31 Displaying a Large Dbkey Value Caused SQL to ACCVIO
1.32 SQLMOD Compilation Returned %MACRO Errors
1.33 Failure to Roll Forward an Optimized .AIJ File
1.34 Implicitly Defined Domain Names Caused Incorrect Character Set for Column
1.35 DBR Failed to Commit Transactions for Processes that Failed During Commit
1.36 Redo of an Erased Record Corrupted Memory
1.37 Incorrect Translation of KATAKANA Characters
1.38 Deadlock on Freeze Caused Bugcheck During Commit Sequence
1.39 Bugcheck or Infinite Loop During Commit Sequence
1.40 Wrong Result when Descending Index Is Used with a Collating Sequence
1.41 DBR Failed After Modifying Number of Users
1.42 SQL/Services TCP/IP Support Did Not Work for Messages that Exceeded the Client Write Buffer Size
1.43 Change to SQL/Services Installation
1.44 Character Set Information Not Exported
1.45 A Dynamic FOR UPDATE of Clause Was Not Understood
1.46 RDB$CHARACETER_SET Logical Name Was Not Correctly Recognized
1.47 Subqueries Bugchecked
1.48 ANSI FORMAT COBOL Programs with Long Variable Names
1.50 NSDS Was Incorrectly Restricted from Using CAST
1.51 Exception at RDMS$$DATE_DTYPE_BLR + 00000464 on Queries Performing Certain Computations
1.52 No Data Returned from Tables when RDB$MAX_RELATION_ID Exceeds 8192
1.53 ANSI FORMAT COBOL Embedded Source Files Not Properly Generated
1.54 Virtual Memory Leak in CONNECT Statement
1.55 Closing Cursors in Another Image
1.56 RMU/ANALYZE/PLACEMENT Excessive Virtual Memory Usage
1.57 NULL Value Expressions Were Incorrectly Processed by EXTRACT Function
1.58 Certain Interval Literal Values Were Incorrectly Processed
1.59 A Small Negative Number of Months CAST to an Interval Year Displayed as a Negative Zero
1.60 Subtracting DATE from TIMESTAMP with Day-Time Interval Result Was Rejected by Rdb/VMS
1.61 RMU/LOAD No Longer Generates RDB-E-PORT_LEN Error
1.63 Bugcheck in RDMS$$BLOB_DELETE
1.65 Programs Needed To Be Relinked on Rdb V5.1 and Higher
1.66 Bugcheck at RDMS$$FIND_VALID_SEG_CRTV + 0000000F on Query



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