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Rdb 5.1

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Oracle releases Rdb version 5.1
    Updates to Rdb may be obtained directly from Oracle Support

Problems Corrected (Rdb V5.1.0)
1.1 Software Errors Fixed in V5.1 That Apply to All Interfaces
1.1.1 Fractional Seconds Precision Is Now Handled Correctly
1.1.2 CURRENT_TIME and CURRENT_TIMESTAMP Have Greater Than Hundredths of a Second Precision
1.1.3 Unary Operators in Aggregates or COMPUTED BY Expressions Could Cause Bugcheck
1.1.4 Queries Using UNION to Merge DATE VMS and CURRENT_TIMESTAMP Columns Generated ARITH_EXCEPT/IVTIME Errors
1.1.5 Infinite Lock Stall When Readying Storage Area Corrected
1.1.6 Problems with Partitioned Sorted Indexes Corrected Partition Limits Must Be Specified in the Correct Order Problems with Descending Index Segments Have Been Fixed Preventing Problems with Descending Partitioned Sorted Indexes
1.1.7 Bugcheck Storing Record After Snapshot File Has Been Truncated
1.1.8 Zigzag Match Strategy Looped or Bugchecked at RESTORE_RSS2 + 13C
1.1.9 Version Limit on SORTWORK File Directory Could Cause an Infinite Loop
1.1.10 Database Recovery Processes Bugchecked at PIOFETCH$WITHIN_DB+194
1.1.11 Memory Corruption Error Fixed
1.1.12 Bugcheck at KOD$UNBIND + 133 Affected Detaching from Database
1.1.13 Corrupt .AIJ File Not Marked as Inaccessible
1.1.14 Abnormal Group Commit Process Termination Caused .AIJ File Corruption
1.1.15 Monitor Terminating Abnormally Caused DBR RMS-F-FLK Exception
1.1.16 Monitor Looping Problem
1.1.17 Locking Bugcheck When Global Buffers Were Enabled
1.1.18 Releasing System-Owned Global Buffer Locks Generated Exception
1.1.19 Timeout on Lock Conflict in Metadata Could Cause Bugcheck
1.1.20 Setting RDM$BIND_KODA_TRACE Logical Name to "V" Could Cause Bugcheck
1.1.21 B-Tree Corruption Resulted from Reorganizing Sorted Indexes
1.1.22 Certain Multisegment Equality Retrievals Returned Incorrect Data
1.1.23 Existence Check Constraints Were Needlessly Evaluated
1.1.24 Constraints Referencing NULL Fields Were Needlessly Evaluated
1.1.25 Fetch by Dbkey Did Not Check the Type of Page Fetched
1.1.26 Order Restriction on COMPUTED BY Column Deletion Removed
1.1.27 Improved Optimization of Queries with OR Predicates and ORDER BY Clauses
1.1.28 Improved Optimization for Queries of Views That Contain UNION Operators or GROUP Clauses
1.1.29 DEC Rdb Validates Data Types When Creating or Integrating Tables from CDD Records with DEFAULT_VALUE or MISSING_VALUE Clau
1.1.30 Dropping Column Did Not Delete LIST OF BYTE VARYING Data
1.1.31 Incorrect Determination of Segmented String Type
1.1.32 Dropping Table with LIST OF BYTE VARYING Columns and Altering List Storage Map Are Now Allowed in the Same Transaction
1.1.33 Restriction Removed on Number of Columns Accessible in a Single DML Statement on DEC Rdb for OpenVMS VAX
1.1.34 Unknown User Name Prevented Monitor from Starting
1.1.35 RDMS-F-TERMINATE Message Is Enhanced
1.1.36 Concurrent Table Inserts into Same Storage Area Wasted Space
1.1.37 Attach Failed When Monitor Mailbox Was Full
1.1.38 DBR Did Not Use the User's WSEXTENT Quota
1.1.39 DBR Fails to Redo Transaction for Process Terminated During Commit Operation
1.1.40 Redoing an Erased Record Could Corrupt Memory
1.1.41 Global Buffers Performance Is Enhanced
1.1.42 AIJ Journaling Could Be Disabled When Fast Commit Was Enabled
1.2 SQL Software Errors Fixed in V5.1
1.2.1 SQL Made Incorrect or Incomplete Translations of KATAKANA Characters
1.2.2 Problem with Implicitly Defined Domain Names Could Cause Incorrect Character Set for Column
1.2.3 Interaction of DISTINCT and SORT Could Cause Incorrect Ordering of Output Records
1.2.4 C Compiler Used with Module Language for DEC Rdb for OpenVMS AXP Did Not Let You Align SQLDA or SQLCA Data Structures
1.2.5 SQL UPDATE ONLY Clause Caused Excessive Journal Growth
1.2.6 SQL SELECT MIN Query Causes Exception at PSIINDEX$GET_MIN_SEP + 00000122
1.2.7 Long Dbkey Values Caused Bugcheck
1.2.8 Read-Only, Extended Dynamic Cursors No longer Allow Updates
1.2.9 SQL$.EXE Completion Status Changed
1.2.10 SQL$.EXE Commit and Rollback Problem Corrected
1.2.11 SQL CARRY OVER LOCKS Attribute Lost During EXPORT
1.2.12 EXTRACT No Longer Returns NULL for Bad Field Reference
1.2.13 SQL Module Language Command Line Allows Optional Ada Package Compilation
1.2.14 SQL Pascal Precompiler Allows Optional Semicolon After Final Field in Record Type Definition
1.3 RMU Software Errors Fixed in V5.1
1.3.1 You Could Not Change Physical Storage Area Parameters Between RMU/BACKUP and RMU/RESTORE Commands
1.3.2 Errors During RMU/BACKUP with Remote Node Destination
1.3.3 RMU/BACKUP/AFTER Command Was Too Slow
1.3.4 RMU/BACKUP/AFTER_JOURNAL Failed Trying to Truncate AIJ Journal
1.3.5 RMU/BACKUP/AFTER/QUIET_POINT Could Produce a Non-Recoverable Backup File
1.3.6 Interrupting RMU/BACKUP/FULL Could Invalidate Subsequent Incremental BY_AREA Backups
1.3.7 RMU/CONVERT/ROLLBACK Command Corrupted System Tables
1.3.8 RMU/CONVERT/ROLLBACK Created an Invalid .AIJ File
1.3.9 RMU/EXTRACT Generated Incorrect Syntax for a View with a Description Clause
1.3.10 RMU/EXTRACT Did Not Extract Edit String or Query Header from View
1.3.11 RMU/EXTRACT Did Not Generate Constraints Correctly When Using a Recursive Relationship Between Two Objects
1.3.12 RMU/EXTRACT/ITEM=VERIFY Mishandled Certain Indexes
1.3.13 RMU/MONITOR START Command Generated Access Violation on Invalid File Name
1.3.14 RMU/MOVE_AREA Command Created Unnecessary .AIJ file
1.3.15 RMU/OPEN Command Failed If Users Were Already Attached
1.3.16 RMU-I-RESUME Message Is Enhanced
1.3.17 RMU/RECOVER Command Could Cause Infinite Looping in Exception Handler
1.3.18 RMU/RECOVER Message AIJPREPARE Gave Incorrect Count
1.3.19 RMU/RESTORE/AREA Gave Incorrect AIJ Recovery Message
1.3.20 RMU/SHOW LOCKS Displayed Application Locks
1.3.21 RMU/SHOW LOCKS Exception Caused Process Deletion
1.3.22 RMU/SHOW STATISTICS Field Help Menu Was Mislabeled
1.3.23 RMU/SHOW STATISTICS Key Sequence Problem Affected Menu Selection
1.3.24 RMU/VERIFY Bugchecked When Displaying Messages About B-Tree Nodes
1.3.25 RMU/VERIFY for Segmented Strings Required Large Amounts of Virtual Memory
1.3.26 RMU/VERIFY with TRANSACTION_TYPE=READ_ONLY Could Return Unnecessary Errors
1.3.27 Rollforward of Optimized .AIJ File Could Bugcheck When Encountering a Small Journal Record
1.3.28 .AIJ File Rollforward Caused Sequence Number Problems
1.3.29 .AIJ File Rollforward Operations Were Too Slow
1.3.30 Virtual Memory Leak from Lock Conflict Failures
1.3.31 Virtual Memory Leak from Database Monitor
1.3.32 DECnet Phase V Node Name Size Discrepancies
1.3.33 RMU/SHOW STATISTICS Abnormally Terminated with Long Storage Area Names
1.4 RDO and RDBPRE Software Errors Fixed in V5.1
1.4.1 RDO CLOSE and RDO OPEN Commands Caused Access Violations
1.4.2 RDO Date Literal Problem Fixed
1.4.3 RDO Missing Values Were Ignored During MODIFY on OpenVMS AXP Systems
1.4.4 Stream Name Returned in STRALRDEC Error



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