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Rdb 5.1.1

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Oracle releases Rdb version 5.11
    Updates to Rdb may be obtained directly from Oracle Support


Problems Corrected (Rdb V5.1.1)
1.1 Queries Using Constant Expressions May not Return Correct Results
1.2 Reoccuring Query can cause Excessive I/O
1.3 Singleton SELECT Returning Zeros on Computed By Fields
1.4 Bugchecks in RDMS$$DATE_DTYPE_BLR
1.5 Foreign Key Constraints Perform Poorly
1.6 SELECT Distinct Produces Inconsistent Results
1.7 Problems Using SELECT CAST TIME
1.8 Unexpected Behavior when COMPUTED BY Column uses the same name as a Domain/domain_name
1.9 Restricted OpenVMS for VAX group PAK Caused Concurrent License Problems
1.10 Large Data Messages will cause the System to Hang
1.11 Fix Error of Missing Monitor File in ECO1 for Oracle Rdb Version 5.1-0
1.12 Incorrect Check on Valid Date for Rdb/VMS License Caused Errors
1.14 Fixed Problem with long multinational keys on OpenVMS for VAX
1.15 Problem with Multiple Numeric Keys in Queries on AXP
1.16 Problem with _Minimum in ASN_FOR_NUM_RSS$NDX
1.17 DECRDB$DEINSTALL_DELETE.COM May Delete Wrong SQL/Services Files
1.19 A Value Expression Which Resulted in NULL Was Sometimes Incorrectly Processed by the EXTRACT function
1.20 Date Interval Literal Values for Interval Qualifiers Incorrectly Processed
1.21 Some Negative Numbers when CASTed to Interval, Display Incorrectly
1.22 Subtraction of a DATE from a TIMESTAMP Was Incorrectly Considered Illegal
1.23 Comparison on INTERVAL, TIMESTAMP, TIME and DATE on OpenVMS May Return Incorrect Data
1.25 Bugcheck on DELETE With Descending TEXT Indices
1.26 RALLY Application Bugchecks: KOD$ROLLBACK + 83 or KOD$PREPARE + 8A
1.27 Accessing LIST OF BYTE VARYING Column Bugchecks: RDMS$$BLOB_DELETE
1.28 Incorrect Result When Interval of Zero is Divided by a Scaled Integer
1.29 Keyonly Boolean Works Incorrectly for GROUP BY Fields
1.30 %RDB-F-SYS_REQUST_CAL "called from 7136", LIB-F-BADBLOSIZE
1.31 Queries using match and cross strategy may not return correct results
1.32 Problem running VESTed images from older versions of Oracle Rdb
1.33 VESTed images failing when cursors are left open at COMMIT
1.34 RMU/BACKUP/AFTER goes into infinite loop
1.35 Bugchecks at PIOFETCH$WITHIN_DB + 17C Due to TSN Being Set Back
1.36 Bugchecks at PIOFETCH$WITHIN_DB + 17C Due to Area Extension "Lost"
1.38 DBR Bugchecks at DBR$RESOLVE + 117
1.39 DBR Bugchecks at DBR$RESOLVE + 117
1.40 Incorrect Results for Range Queries on Multi-segment Indexes
1.41 Granting Privileges to User Will Leave Unusable Space
1.42 Bugcheck at RDMS$$SETUP_RLEAF+4DD
1.43 SQL$MOD or SQL$PRE Compiled Programs can cause Access Violations on OpenVMS for AXP
1.44 Wrong Results When Using GROUP BY with Aggregate
1.46 Oracle Rdb Correctly Truncates INTERVAL Values During Assignment to Less Precise Intervals
1.47 Incorrect Results for Range Queries With MAX/MIN Function on AXP
1.48 Storage Area Failover May Fail For Large List Segments
1.49 Selecting Where Not Null May Not Return Maximum Possible Column Value
1.50 Wrong Results from STARTING WITH on View Containing GROUP BY
1.51 Exception at SQL$DEF_START_TXN_R2_TO_R11+476 when USING CONTEXT
1.52 The NULL bit vector was generated improperly upon INSERTs
1.53 Unnecessary Storage Accesses When WRITE ONCE Areas Marked As Full
1.54 Poor Performance From OR Selection Predicate
1.55 RDB$SYSTEM_RECORD Logical Area Not Deleted When Area Is Dropped
1.56 RMS$_BUSY, RMS$_ASA And RMS$_ACT Errors
1.57 Random Bugchecks Due To Corrupted Internal Structures Or Generated Code
1.58 A Difference In The Scale Of The Datatype And It's Default Value Caused Corruption In The Null Bit Vector
1.59 SQL/Services Or Dynamic SQL Would Get ARITH_EXCEPT
1.60 Bugchecks With RDMS$DEBUG_FLAGS "T" And 2PC
1.61 Errors In The Evaluation Of Self Referencing Constraints
1.62 DECtrace Facility Definition Installed Incorrectly
1.64 Memory Leak
1.65 STARTING WITH And Collating Sequences Fixed
1.66 RDBSERVER Process Returns RDB-F-BUG_CHECK_CALL Error On OpenVMS on AXP Systems
1.67 Wrong Results When Using Complex Expressions On Views With Unions
1.68 Temporary File Created Too Large
1.69 LIKE and CONTAINING Returned Incorrect Results When Comparing A Numeric To A Text Literal
1.70 Bugcheck dumps with DIO$FREE_CURRENT and DIO$FETCH_DBKEY on AXP
1.71 Wrong Results Returned By Query Involving Constant Evaluation
1.72 Conversion of CURRENT_TIME, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP and DATE VMS to text is incorrect
1.73 Bugcheck attempting to insert small records or records that fragment
1.74 No data returned from table
1.75 Alter Table (Change Relation) Incorrectly Validates COMPUTED BY Columns
1.76 RMU/ANALYZE/PLACEMENT excessive VM usage
1.77 Order by clause limitation fixed
1.78 Dynamic SQL text to BIGINT conversion inappropriatly rounds
1.79 CURRENT_TIMESTAMP has data type TIMESTAMP(2) by default
1.80 ALTER TABLE Incorrectly Failed with Incompatible Datatype Error
1.81 Indices with collating sequences
1.82 Queries with multiple UNIONs can execute incorrectly
1.83 Storing or Inserting Records in a large Relation
1.84 Indexed Retrieval Using a Scaled Variable
1.85 multi column descending text index
1.86 RMU/LOAD error for data type VARCHAR
1.86.1 Protection Information Disk Space Reclaimed
1.87 DBR may rollback wrong transaction when commit-to-journal enabled
1.88 Process may perform "Global Checkpoint" for active transaction
1.89 RMU/OPTIMIZE/AFTER gets "record too large" FILACCERR
1.90 RMU/BACKUP/AFTER/NOQUIET makes AIJ journal inaccessible
1.91 Using RMU/LOAD with Data File Containing Extra Fields
1.92 Unexpected error when assigning NULL to an INTERVAL column
1.93 Multischema databases and Default Collating Sequences
1.94 Bugchecks at PIO$FETCH_UPD +4DF after snap file truncation
1.95 Partitioning a table by a computed by field, Rdb would not partition the data correctly
1.96 NOT NULL constraints are no longer considered during domain data type change
1.97 Location of RMONSTART.COM incorrectly documented
1.98 System Record Logical area incorrectly named after alter index command
1.99 Corruption of scroll in index node during index rebalance
1.100AIJ journals cannot be rolled forward following RMU/RESTORE operation
1.101Request Handle Syntax Treated Differently in Statistical Expressions
1.102Creating New Objects in the Database When Using the Dictionary
1.103Bugcheck at RDMS$$CHOOSE_CCOL_FROM_CVAR +00000C18



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