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Rdb 6.0

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Oracle releases Rdb version 6.0
    Updates to Rdb may be obtained directly from Oracle Support


Problems Corrected (Rdb V6.0.0)
3.1 Software Errors Fixed in V6.0 That Apply to All Interfaces
3.1.1 Unnecessary Storage Accesses When WRITE ONCE Areas Marked as Full
3.1.2 DEC Rdb for OpenVMS AXP Generated RDB-E-ARITH_EXCEPT and SYSTEM-F-INTDIV Errors for Certain Date Operations When RDMSHRP.E
3.1.3 Certain Indexes with Collating Sequences Functioned Incorrectly
3.1.4 Incorrect Results for Range Queries with MAX/MIN Function
3.1.5 Incorrect Results for Range Queries on Multisegmented Indexes
3.1.6 Exceeding Complex Query Limit Generated %RDMS-F-MAX_CCTX Error
3.1.7 Queries with Multiple UNION Subqueries Executed Incorrectly
3.1.8 Certain Aggregate Queries Returned Incorrect Results
3.1.9 Lock Timeout Operations Could Hang Indefinitely on OpenVMS AXP Systems
3.1.10 ALTER TABLE Incorrectly Failed with Incompatible Data Type Error
3.1.11 SQL ALTER TABLE (RDO CHANGE RELATION) Might Fail if COMPUTED BY Column Name Matched Existing Domain Name
3.1.12 No Data Returned from Tables When RDB$MAX_RELATION_ID Exceeds 8192
3.1.13 Exception at DIOFREE$REWRITE_MARKED + 000003D7 While Attempting to Insert Small Records or Records That Fragment
3.1.14 Bugchecks Returned by Commit Operations After Certain CREATE STORAGE MAP Statements
3.1.15 Bugcheck at LCK$HANDLE_ENQ_FAILURE + 0000005E Caused by EXQUOTA/EXENQLM Error During Transaction Commit
3.1.16 Bugcheck at KOD$UNBIND + 00000121 While Database Disconnecting
3.1.17 Bugcheck at MON$DBR_MAP_ROOT + 000000A8 Monitor Crash on Closing Database Whenbal Buffer Pool Was Full
3.1.18 Bugcheck at LCK$MEMBIT_BLAST + 31 Couldult When Process Exceeded ENQLM quota
3.1.19 Monitor Log Output and RMU/DUMP/AFTER_JOURNAL Output Could Not Be Correlated
3.1.20 Monitor Did Not Inherit Working Set Default Correctly
3.1.21 Monitor Process Did Not Inherit ENQLM Process Quotas Correctly
3.1.22 RMU-F-FILACCERR Exception Occurred When Switching .AIJ Files with Fast Commit Enabled
3.1.23 RMU-F-DEADLOCK Error Generated During AIJ Backup with Fast Commit
3.1.24 Bugcheck from DBR During REDO Processing When Recovering Read-Only Transactions
3.1.25 Bugcheck at DBR$RESOLVE + 117 When DBR Process Failed After RMU/CONVERT Operation or Modifying Number of Users
3.1.26 DBR Process Read the .RUJ File One Block at a Time
3.1.27 DBR Process Took Too Long Recovering Large .RUJ Files
3.1.28 Misleading Image-Exit Status Returned When Monitor Failed
3.1.29 Bugcheck at AIJUTL$LOCK + 00000073 from DBR When Fast Commit Was Enabled but AIJ Journaling Was Disabled
3.1.30 Problem Creating More Than 16,384 Logical Areas
3.1.31 Buffer Pool Flushed When Storage Areas Were Readied Differently
3.1.32 Protection Information Disk Space Reclaimed
3.2 SQL Software Errors Fixed in V6.0
3.2.1 Equality Comparisons Between F-Floating and Scaled Integer Fields Fail on DEC Rdb for OpenVMS AXP
3.2.2 Text Strings Converted to DATE VMS Sometimes Inherited Current Time if Trailing Spaces Were Present
3.2.3 Comparison on INTERVAL, TIMESTAMP, TIME and DATE VMS May Return Incorrect Data
3.2.4 NULL Value Expressions Were Incorrectly Processed by EXTRACT Function
3.2.5 Certain Interval Literal Values Were Incorrectly Processed by DEC Rdb
3.2.6 DEC Rdb Now Correctly Truncates INTERVAL Values During Assignment to Less Precise Intervals
3.2.7 A Small Negative Number of Months CAST to an Interval Year Displays as a Negative Zero
3.2.8 Subtracting DATE from TIMESTAMP with Day-Time Interval Result Was Rejected by DEC Rdb
3.2.9 Change for Indicator Parameters and Multi-Octet Character Sets
3.2.10 Accessing LIST OF BYTE VARYING Column Could Cause Exception in RDMS$$BLOB_DELETE
3.2.11 NULL Default for List of Byte Varying Allowed
3.2.12 Dynamic SQL Text to BIGINT Conversion Inappropriately Rounded Values
3.2.13 Exception at RDMS$$DATE_DTYPE_BLR + 00000464 On Queries Performing Certain Computations
3.2.14 CURRENT_TIMESTAMP Changed Default Data Type
3.2.15 Conversion of CURRENT_TIME, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP and DATE VMS to Text Is Incorrect
3.2.16 ESCAPE Character for LIKE Expression Now Validated
3.2.17 Restriction Removed on the SIZE IS Clause of the CREATE INDEX Statement
3.2.18 Restriction Removed on SQL SET NOEXECUTE Statement
3.2.19 Problem Converting Real Numbers to Varying Text
3.3 RMU Software Errors Fixed in V6.0
3.1 RMU/ANALYZE/PLACEMENT Generated EXQUOTA exception When Processing Indexes with Many Duplicates
3.2 RMU/EXTRACT Requires the OpenVMS SYSPRV Privilege
3.3 Binding to Database During RMU/BACKUP/NOQUIET_POINT Generated RDMS-F-TERMINATE Error and Shut Down Database
3.4 RMU/SHOW STATISTICS Exception at KUTDIS$DISPLAY_AST + 000002A6 While Exiting
3.5 RMU/SHOW STATISTICS Fails in "By File" Menu for Large File Names
3.6 Reserved Operand Fault with RMU/BACKUP Command
3.7 Incorrect Interpretation of RMU/BACKUP/NOREWIND Qualifier Fixed
3.8 RMU/BACKUP/AFTER_JOURNAL Did Not Report Number of Aborted Transactions
3.9 RMU/DUMP/HEADER Did Not Display .AIJ File Size or Fullness
3.10 RMU/LOAD No Longer Generates RDB-E-PORT_LEN Error
3.11 Bugchecks at KUTREC$RECOVER + 00000323 on RMU/RECOVER Failures Provided Inadequate Messages
3.12 RMU/SHOW LOCKS Did Not Display Locks for Nonprivileged Users
3.13 RMU/SHOW STATISTICS Abnormally Terminated with Long Storage Area Names
3.14 Terminal Input from RMU/SHOW STATISTICS Command Blocked Database Attaches
3.15 RMU/SHOW STATISTICS "Page X of Y" Display Not Cleared Properly
3.16 RMU/SHOW STATISTICS Held Too Many Locks
3.17 Bugcheck at KUTDIS$UPDATE_DSM_ACTRTN + 00000058 from RMU/SHOW STATISTICS Command When You Selected 'Options' Menu Item
3.18 RMU/SHOW STATISTICS Wasted Global Buffers
3.19 RMU/VERIFY/FUNCTION Incorrectly Reported BADRTIMG Errors
3.4 SQL/Services Errors Fixed in Version 6.0
3.4.1 The DECRDB$DEINSTALL_DELETE Procedure Deleted SQL/Services Files



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