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Rdb 6.0.1

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Oracle releases Rdb version 6.0.1
    Updates to Rdb may be obtained directly from Oracle Support


Problems Corrected (Rdb V6.0.1)
1.1 RDB-F-NO_PRIV When Accessing System Tables in Converted Database
1.2 A Query With Multiple Full Outer Joins May Return Wrong Result
1.3 Wrong Results or SQL-F-BAD_TXN_STATE Using Remote Access
1.4 Query Would Return Wrong Results, and Different Results on Subsequent Execution
1.5 Wrong Results When Using Sorted Index Compression
1.7 Wrong Results Were Returned When Collating Sequences Used on Alpha
1.8 RDB-E-ARITH_EXCEPT Errors on Computed by Columns for Date/Time
1.9 Various Bugchecks Occurred When Using Partitioned Compressed Sorted Indexes
1.10 SQL-F-SCHNOTDEF Errors When Using Multischema
1.11 Non-null Columns Incorrectly Returned as Null
1.12 LICENSE-F-NOTINRSRVLIST Errors With Personal Use Licenses
1.14 SYSTEM-F-NOSUCHTID Errors Using Implicit Distributed Transactions
1.15 Poor Performance From OR Selection Predicate
1.16 CLIENT_PC was not Correctly Reported to Oracle Trace for Remote Attaches
1.17 Two-Phase Page Locking Allowed Uncommitted Pages to be Accessed
1.18 Database Global Section Size was Too Large
1.19 RMU/OPTIMIZE/AFTER Gets %RMU-F-FILACCERR, "record too large"
1.20 DBR Failed with SYSTEM-F-VASFULL When Using Large Checkpoint Intervals
1.21 Enabling AIJ Journaling Selected the Wrong Journal If Overwrite was Enabled
1.22 RMU/SHOW STATISTICS Process Accounting Screen had Duplicate Information
1.23 RMU/RECOVER of Active AIJ Could Result in Duplicate Sequence Number
1.24 Random Bugchecks Where Internal Structures or Code is Overwritten
1.25 RMS-F-BUSY Errors When Oracle Rdb Attempted to Create Temporary Files
1.26 DBR Bugchecks at DBR$REDO + 82A
1.28 RMU/BACKUP/AFTER/NOQUIET Makes AIJ Journal Inaccessible
1.29 Various Bugchecks Due to Table Cardinality Becoming Negative
1.30 Memory Leak Using Commit Time Constraints
1.31 Wrong Results When Using Complex Expressions On Views With Unions
1.32 Temporary File Created Too Large
1.33 SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO Errors Returned In Asynchronous Environments
1.34 Oracle RdbExpert Cannot Cross-Reference Oracle Rally Form Name with Oracle Rdb Request
1.35 Incorrect File IO Statistics Displayed by ECO 1 RMU/SHOW STATISTICS
1.36 Bugcheck Dumps at DIO$FREE_CURRENT and DIO$FETCH_DBKEY on Alpha Systems
1.37 Wrong Results When Predicate References Constant Value
1.38 Bugchecks at RDMS$$CRTVS_FROM_EQVS + 117 or + 111
1.39 Various Bugchecks Due to Memory Corruption - Alpha Only
1.40 Undeserved EXQUOTA Error When Attempting to Attach to Database
1.41 Non-existant Phantom Processes Appeared in RMU/DUMP/USER Output
1.42 Unexpected Error When Assigning NULL to a Date/Time Column
1.43 CREATE MODULE Statement Continued to Fail After Initial Error
1.44 Bugchecks at AIJBCK$WRITE_BACKUP + 691
1.45 Bugchecks at PIO$FETCH_UPD +4DF After Snapshot File Truncation
1.46 INVALID_BLR Error from COMPUTED BY CASE Expression
1.47 RMU/CONVERT with Wildcard Database Name Caused Corruption
1.48 RMU/LOAD of Delimited Text Did Not Support VARYING STRING Datatype
1.49 LINK-W-TRUNCDAT Warnings When Linking SQL Applications
1.50 SQL Bugchecks at SQL$$GET_QUEUE_WALK + 157
1.51 Database Corruption When Using Triggers
1.52 RDB-F-BAD_MSG_VEC Errors, or ACCVIOs, from RDBPRE/RDML Programs
1.53 Incorrect Results When Joining Columns of Different Datatypes
1.54 Execution of Query Outline Causes Bugcheck at RDMS$$SRT_COST
1.55 Error When Changing Domain Constraint
1.56 RDB-E-EXCEED_TRANS Error When Using Explicit DECdtm
1.57 Bugchecks at RDMS$$NDXONLY_CXPR + 385
1.58 Bugchecks at RDMS$$CHOOSE_CCOL_FROM_CVAR + 999
1.59 RMU/VERIFY SYSRECHKY Errors After Concurrent Hash Index Creation
1.60 Stored Procedures did not Store Double Precision Variables Correctly
1.61 RMU/BACKUP/AFTER Makes AIJ Inaccessible
1.62 Incorrect Results on Alpha After Metadata Changed
1.63 Incorrect Dependency Rows in RDB$INTERRELATIONS
1.64 Incorrect Partitioning When Using COMPUTED BY Column in Storage Map
1.65 Random Bugchecks from Extremely Long OR Expressions
1.66 Long Stalls and Deadlocks on RWROOT and TSNBLK Objects
1.67 Bugchecks at STR$COPY_R_R8 + {large offset} - Alpha only
1.70 SET Statements Immediately Before a LEAVE Statement Sometimes Ignored
1.71 Excessive Virtual Memory Consumed When Queries That Join Many Tables Optimized
1.72 Query With Large OR List Loops During Runtime Optimization
1.73 SQL-F-UNSDTPCVT Error When Opening Dynamic List Cursor
1.74 Bugchecks at RDMS$$SRT_COST + 1ACF
1.75 Unable to Recover Database When Commit to Journal was Used without Fast Commit
1.76 Looping When Certain Trigger Operations Performed
1.77 Incorrect Results for Range List Retrievals When Using Compressed Indexes
1.78 Processes with No Transactions Active Stall Other Processes
1.79 RDB-E-INVALID_BLR Error When Opening Update Only Cursor
1.80 SQL Bugchecks at GEM_ST_STORE_BUFFER + 1B4
1.81 SYSTEM-S-BUFFEROVF Errors When Attempting to Manipulate ACLs
1.82 SQL-I-UNMATEND Error from Pascal Programs
1.83 Cannot Revoke User Privileges from Modules or External Functions
1.84 Bugchecks at RETRIEVALS_PER_CRTV + 88
1.85 AIJ Marked Inaccessible in High Volume Environments
1.86 DECdtm Logfile Fills Up Due to Transactions not Being "Forgotten"
1.87 Incorrect Results or Bugchecks When Using MAPPING VALUES - Alpha only
1.88 Bugchecks at RDMS$$KOD_ISCAN_START_SCAN + 6B
1.89 Bugchecks at RDMS$$CHOOSE_CCOL_FROM_CVAR + 94D-Version 6.0 only
1.90 SQL-DEV-USER and SQL-INT-USER Licenses Not Recognized
1.91 Various Database Corruption Issues
1.92 RMU/BACKUP Looped When Backup Process had UIC of [4000,*] - Alpha only
1.93 Wrong Results from Queries That Use "Transitive Equivalence"
1.94 Wrong Results Using Descending Index On SMALLINT Column
1.95 "Invalid Transaction Handle" Errors Detaching From Database on an OpenVMS for Alpha System
1.96 Process Hangs After $ABORT_TRANS Call
1.97 Wrong Results When Partitioning on INTEGER or SMALLINT
1.98 Using RMU/BACKUP/AFTER When Journaling was Disabled Produced Bugcheck
1.99 RDMS-E-CANNOTNEST Error When Using Transaction Statements in Case Statement
1.100Incorrect Results Using Partitioned Indexes
1.101Bugchecks at FILE_CLEANUP + 54 When Closing Files
1.102Bugchecks at RDMS$$CHOOSE_CCOL_FROM_CVAR + 175C
1.103Bugchecks at PIOFETCH$WITHIN_POOL + 2A4
1.104AIJ Backup File Size Increased Dramatically
1.105Poor Performance from RMU/VERIFY When Verifying Mixed Format Areas
1.106Bugchecks at LCK$HANDLE_DEADLOCK + 61 During AIJ Switchover
1.107SQL Bugchecks Go to SYS$OUTPUT If User Doesn't Have Write Access to Default Dump Directory
1.108Index corruption; RDMS-F-NOT_LARDY Errors
1.109Large Lock Timeout Value Caused Infinite Hang
1.110Various Errors Due to Memory Corruption
1.111RDMS-F-AREA_DELETED Errors After Database Restored From Backup
1.112Tables Could be Created with the Same Relation ID
1.113Simulated Outer-Join Does Not Return Correct Results-Alpha Only
1.114No Oracle Trace Events Collected If Another Facility Initializes Oracle Trace First-Alpha Only
1.115Processes Continue to Use Disabled Index
1.116Excess Page Faults When Binding to a Database
1.117Storage Areas Can Now be Located After Online Moves
1.118Incorrect Results With LIKE and an Interactive CHAR SQL Variable
1.119Wrong Results from Right Outer Join with ORDER BY Clause
1.120Wrong Results When Using Math Expression in Predicate- Alpha Only
1.121READ_ONLY_REL Error when Executing a Stored Procedure
1.122Database Attach was Slow if Transfers Defined
1.123Excessive Memory Usage When Using Many Sub-Selects
1.124RMU/BACKUP/LOADER_SYNCHRONIZATION Hangs When Concurrently Writing to Multiple Tape Drives
1.125RMU/SET PRIVILEGE/EDIT Didn't Work with OpenVMS Version 6.1
1.126RDMS-F-BLR_MISMATCH Error From Query Outline
1.127Hash Buckets for Partitioned Index Incorrectly Stored in "Otherwise" Partition-Alpha Only
1.128%MACRO-E-UNTERMARG Error Compiling ATTACH Statement
1.129SQL-I-UNMATEND Errors from Version 6.0 ECO 3 thru 5 SQL Precompilers
1.130COBOL Variables Starting or Ending with Underscore "_" not Recognized
1.132SQLCODE -1 Sometimes Returned for Deadlock Errors Instead of -913
1.133DBR Bugchecks at AIJ$FLUSH + BC
1.134DBR Bugchecks at PC 0 When Using 2PC on Alpha Platforms
1.135Bugchecks at DIOLAREA$M_PAREA_DBID + 33 on Import
1.136SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO if GET DIAGNOSTICS Used in Combination with Connections
1.137SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO When Committing a Multiple Database Transaction
1.138RDB-E-REQ_SYNC Error When Accessing a Remote Database
1.139SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO When Using the SQL DROP TRANSFER statement
1.140SQLOPT_FIX Problem With "m" Option
1.141Read Only Transactions Would Create an RUJ File
1.142Data Corruption When ALTER STORAGE MAP Enables Compression
1.143Various Bugchecks Due to Memory Corruption
1.144SYSTEM-F-NOSUCHNODE Errors Using 2PC Transactions
1.145RMU bugchecks with RMU/BACKUP/ONLINE with Global Buffers Enabled



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