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Rdb 7.0

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Oracle releases Rdb version 7.0
    Updates to Rdb may be obtained directly from Oracle Support


Problems Corrected (Rdb V7.0.0)
3.1.1 AIJ Switchover Suspension Prone to DBR-Induced Shutdown
3.1.2 Preventing Depletion of AIJ ARB Pool
3.1.3 Process Starvation and Hang During AIJ Switchover
3.1.4 After-Image Journal File Switchover Race Condition Corrected
3.1.5 Failure to Open After-Image Journal No Longer Causes Locking Problems
3.1.6 DDL Operations on After-Image Journal Files No Longer Deadlock with AIJ Switchover
3.1.7 AIJ Inaccessible After Node or Cluster Failure or When the Database Is Stopped with Abort=Delprc Qualifier
3.1.8 User Processes Do Not Hibernate on AIJ Submission
3.1.9 Performance No Longer Degrades in Dynamic OR Optimization
3.1.10 Recovery and Fast Commit No Longer Results in Database Corruption
3.1.11 Recovery Process No Longer Hangs When Using Global Buffers
3.1.12 DBR No Longer Fails During REDO When Fast Commit Is Enabled
3.1.13 DBR No Longer Rolls Back Committed Transaction Data
3.1.14 DBR Now Validates Checkpoint During REDO
3.1.15 PAGE TRANSFER VIA MEMORY and Fast Incremental Backup No Longer Cause PIO$MARK_SNUB Bugcheck
3.1.16 Bugchecks at PIOFETCH$WITHIN_DB + 0784 Eliminated
3.1.17 Bugcheck at Transaction Commit Is Now Fixed
3.1.18 Now Can Create a Database with Lock Partitioning and Global Buffers
3.1.19 Oracle Rdb No Longer Fails on OpenVMS Alpha V7.0
3.1.20 Multiple Connections No Longer Cause Missing Oracle Trace Data
3.1.21 Nominal Record Length Now Stored in AIP for UNIQUE Indexes
3.1.22 Node Size Calculation for Unique Sorted Indexes
3.1.23 Performance Enhancement for Storage Maps and Mapped Indexes
3.1.24 Memory Leak Plugged for Insert with Storage Maps
3.1.25 Update on Rows with Many Missing Values
3.1.26 Long Records on Alpha Platforms No Longer Cause Problems
3.1.27 Record Compression on Alpha Platforms
3.1.28 Database No Longer Hangs If Process Holding Logical Area Lock Does Not Release Lock
3.1.29 Excessive Root File I/O
3.1.30 Applications No Longer Hang When Executive Mode ASTs Are Disabled
3.1.31 CREATE INDEX with SIZE IS Clause No Longer Returns Incorrect Results
3.1.32 LOCK_CONFLICT Error on Multiple Databases No Longer Leaves Transaction Active
3.1.33 System Metadata Index Corruption Fixed
3.1.34 Checksum Errors on Alpha Processors Fixed
3.1.35 Bugchecks at PIOAPF$AST + 78 Fixed
3.1.36 Detach Failure No Longer Returns Invalid Request Handle
3.1.37 Error Details No Longer Lost from Remote Prefetch Operations
3.1.38 Error Details No Longer Lost from Remote Databases
3.1.39 Monitor No Longer Hangs After Certain Period of Activity
3.1.40 Read-Only Transactions No Longer Fail with Deadlocks on SNAPSHOT CURSOR 0
3.1.41 Attached Inactive Processes Now Perform Global Checkpoint Operations
3.1.42 Undetected Global Checkpoint Deadlock Corrected
3.1.43 Null Fields Now Detected from Versioned Tables
3.1.44 System Table and Index Cardinalities Updated
3.1.45 Database Attach No Longer Leaves Extra Channel Assigned
3.1.46 Bugchecks at PSIISCAN$BWS_SEARCH_SCR + D1 No Longer Occur
3.1.47 Invalid Monitor Home Directory No Longer Causes Server Failures
3.1.48 Large Queries No Longer Bugcheck at RDMS$$GEN_ROOM+14
3.1.49 Bugcheck at RDMS$$EXE_CREATE_TTBL_FILE+5D Is Fixed
3.1.50 File Error Messages During Query Execution Are Now Correct
3.1.51 Sort and Merge Routines Are No Longer Called in Incorrect Order
3.1.52 RDMS$BIND_WORK_VM Now May Be a Large Value
3.1.53 VLDB Application Storage Areas No Longer Exhaust the Channel Limit
3.1.54 Data Converted from TEXT to BIGINT (QUADWORD) No Longer Loses Precision with Large Values
3.1.55 Changes to TIMESTAMP Literal and Character Format
3.1.56 External Functions Now Produce Valid Descriptor Lengths
3.1.57 SPAM Page Search Algorithm Is Now Optimized
3.1.59 DEC MMS and CDD/Repository Report EXEDELPROC
3.2 SQL Errors Fixed
3.2.1 LIBSQL Naming Conflict Corrected
3.2.2 Full Outer Join with Derived Tables and IS NULL Predicate No Longer Returns Incorrect Results
3.2.3 Assignment Statement No Longer Uses Incorrect Value for CURRENT_TIMESTAMP
3.2.4 COMPUTED BY Column Value Now Returned Correctly
3.2.5 Computed By Column Now Set to Null During DROP TABLE CASCADE
3.2.6 Unexpected RDMS-F-BAD_SYM Error When Referring to COMPUTED BY Columns Fixed
3.2.7 FETCH No Longer Returns End-Of-Stream Condition on NO_RECORD
3.2.8 OUT Parameters Now Accessible with TRACE Statement
3.2.9 Enhanced Support for Views by ALTER DOMAIN and ALTER TABLE Statements
3.2.10 Reserved Tables No Longer Removed from Reserving List After ALTER INDEX
3.2.11 CREATE TRIGGER or CREATE MODULE Statement No Longer Generates Unexpected SEGTOOBIG Error
3.2.12 GET DIAGNOSTICS Statement Now Processed Correctly
3.2.14 Queries with Expressions Containing Variables No Longer Return Wrong Results
3.2.15 Invalid DATE and TIMESTAMP Literals No Longer Accepted
3.2.16 Searched Update and Searched Delete Statements No Longer Promote Locks Excessively
3.2.17 Single Area WITH LIMIT Storage Map Now Used Correctly
3.2.18 ALTER STORAGE MAP Now Lets You Remove the USING Column
3.2.19 Unexpected UNRES_REL Error No Longer Occurs When Reserving Views
3.2.20 Initialize Handles and External Globals Command Line Qualifiers Processed Correctly
3.2.21 SQL Precompiler Now Consistent for C and COBOL Symbolic Debugging
3.2.22 Bugcheck Creating Complex Views Fixed
3.2.23 SQL Now Generates Connection Name by Default
3.2.24 ALTER DATABASE Handles EXTENT Attribute Correctly
3.2.25 Now Can Create Storage Maps for Tables Containing Data
3.2.26 Views Containing SELECT Literal Now Return Correct Results
3.2.27 SELECT DISTINCT from View Now Returns Correct Dbkey
3.2.28 Divide by Zero Fault Corrected
3.2.29 Ctrl/Z from SQL HELP No Longer Erases Command Line Recall Buffer
3.2.30 Ctrl/Z in Multiscreen Help No Longer Returns RMS-F-EOF Message
3.2.31 Databases Created with MULTITHREADED AREA ADDITIONS Now Correct
3.2.32 EXPORT and IMPORT Statements Correctly Associate Constraints on Multischema Databases
3.2.33 Behavior of Global Buffering Using IMPORT Corrected
3.2.34 EXPORT and IMPORT Statements Handle Invalidated Outlines Correctly
3.2.35 Export and Import Files Now Can Use Any Extension
3.2.36 Now Can Import Interchange Files with Uppercase Extensions on Digital UNIX
3.2.37 IMPORT Statement No Longer Exceeds Memory
3.2.38 EXPORT and IMPORT Statement Problems with Procedures and Functions in ANSI Databases Are Fixed
3.2.39 SQL92 Intermediate Level UNIQUE Constraint Available
3.2.40 Constraints No Longer Fail When New Column Is Created Using DEFAULT
3.2.41 New Behavior for Domain Check Constraints and NULL
3.2.42 RDB$MESSAGE_VECTOR Psect Size Corrected for OpenVMS Alpha
3.2.44 Multistatement Procedure Using a Labeled FOR Statement No Longer Bugchecks
3.2.45 Dynamic SQL and TRIM No Longer Result in Access Violation
3.2.46 Intervals in Views No Longer Loop
3.2.47 Using COALESCE with Aggregate Functions Now Returns Correct Results
3.2.48 SELECT . . . LIKE with Host Variable No Longer Fails
3.2.49 SQL No Longer Bugchecks at SQL$$SET_TERM_CHARS + xxxxxx
3.2.50 Bugcheck Error in SHOW TRANSACTION Fixed
3.2.51 ALTER TABLE Column Deletion Errors Fixed
3.2.52 Using Dynamic Statement Names No Longer Causes Memory Leaks
3.2.53 Now Can Modify Data Types When Constraints Are Defined
3.2.54 ALTER TABLE No Longer Causes BEFORE or AFTER UPDATE Triggers to Execute Unexpectedly
3.2.55 Simple CASE Expressions Are Evaluated Correctly
3.2.56 New Warning Message Is Generated for Redundant Column References
3.2.57 Value Restriction Removed for Indexes and Storage Maps
3.2.58 ACCVIO or Memory Consumption Loop Problems Using SQL Module Language and Connections Are Fixed
3.2.59 COMMIT with List Cursor Processing No Longer Bugchecks
3.2.60 COMMIT and ROLLBACK Are Now Ignored If There Is No Transaction
3.3 Oracle RMU Errors Fixed
3.1 RMU Convert Command Works Properly with Fixed-Size AIJ Files
3.2 RMU Open Command and Global_Buffers Qualifier Now Works Correctly
3.3 RMU Restore Just_Pages No Longer Leaves Pages with Bad Logical Area
3.4 Incremental Restore Now Marks Page Ranges as Changed
3.5 No Operator Request Issued When Loader Becomes Empty
3.6 Failed AIJ Backup No Longer Causes Recovery Problems
3.7 Performance Monitor Uses RDMS$BIND_STATS_DISABLED Correctly
3.8 Fixed-Size AIJ Backup to Tape No Longer Ignores Active Checkpoints
3.9 DBR No Longer Bugchecks During Extensible AIJ Backup
3.10 RMU Backup Command No Longer Deadlocks During Extensible AIJ Backup
3.11 Quiet-Point AIJ Backups Spanning Transactions Can Now Be Applied
3.12 Time Reduced for AIJ Journal Creation and Extension
3.13 Determining the True Size of Current .aije
3.14 AIJ Rollforward Can Start from Quiet-Point Backup or Quiet-Point Database backup
3.15 RMU Set Audit Stop Command Now Stops Auditing of RMU Commands
3.16 Bugcheck at RDMS$$KOD_ISCAN_START_SCAN + AC
3.17 Oracle RMU for Digital UNIX Now Translates Environment Variables in .sqlrc Configuration File
3.18 RMU Show Statistics with Input Qualifier No Longer Fails
3.19 Performance Monitor Starts Up More Quickly
3.20 Oracle RMU Now Clears Snapshot, SPAM Pages from CPT During RMU Repair Command
3.21 Corrupt Pages in Snapshot Areas Can Now Be Removed
3.22 RMU Monitor Logging No Longer Disables Over Time
3.23 RMU Analyze Cardinality Update Command Correctly Updates Cardinality
3.24 Changes to Header in RMU Analyze Output
3.25 RMU Unload Command No Longer Pads VARCHAR Fields When Producing Delimited Text Files
3.26 RMU Checkpoint Command Now Allows No Wait for Completion
3.27 DBR No Longer Bugchecks Trying to Fetch Inconsistent Pages
3.28 Database Recovery No Longer Runs with DBKEY SCOPE IS ATTACH Properties
3.29 RMU Show After_Journal Backup_Context Command Properly Creates and Deletes Process Global Symbols
3.30 Now You Can Invoke Many Simultaneous Database Attach and Detach Operations While Using the RMU Show Users Command
3.31 RMU Extract Command with Item=Security Qualifier Now Generates Correct DCL Syntax
3.32 RMU Extract Command with the Option Qualifier Processes Keywords Correctly
3.33 RMU Recover Resolve Can Now Resolve Transactions Originated from Different Systems
3.4 RdbPRE, RDML, and RDO Errors Fixed
3.4.1 Alignment of Host Variable Smallint in the RDBPRE Preprocessor
3.4.2 RDO MATCHING Operator Can Now Find Date Matches
3.4.3 RDML/Pascal Now Correctly Generates Casting
3.4.4 RDMLVAXC.H Is Now Compatible with C++



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