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Rdb 7.0.1

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Oracle releases Rdb version 7.0.1
    Updates to Rdb may be obtained directly from Oracle Support


Problems Corrected (Rdb V7.0.1)
2.1.1 Bugchecks at PIOFETCH$WITHIN_DB + 2DC
2.1.2 RMU/RESTORE Bugchecks at FILE_CLEANUP +
2.1.3 Read Only Transactions Returned Incorrect Results
2.1.4 Errors from RMU/VERIFY After an RMU/RESTORE Command
2.1.5 Error from Parallel Load
2.1.6 RDO Global Field Matching Fails When SCALE is Negative
2.1.7 Bugcheck During Record Expansion
2.1.8 RMU Errors Were not Always Directed to SYS$ERROR
2.1.9 RMU/SHOW STATISTIC "Stall Messages" Could not be Internationalized
2.1.10 Hash Index Incurs Extra I/Os
2.1.11 A Race Condition Caused the Corruption of Indexes and Segmented Strings
2.1.12 Excessive I/O During an Insert Into a Hashed Index
2.1.13 Excessive SPAM Fetches During a Single Update, Insert and Delete
2.1.14 Random Arithmetic Trap Errors During RMU/LOAD Operations
2.1.15 Monitor Log File Fragmentation
2.1.16 Rollback After a Delete Could Cause a Bugcheck
2.1.17 Errors from SELECT with GROUP BY When no Data is in the Underlying Table
2.1.18 Process Deletion After Several Date Expressions
2.1.19 Hot Standby Database Attributes Lost
2.1.21 ALTER STORAGE MAP Did Not Reorganize Data
2.1.22 SQLCODE/SQLSTATE Incorrectly Propagated from SQL Functions and Procedures
2.1.23 ALTER INDEX Waiting Too Long to Validate Storage Area Name
2.1.24 RMU/EXTRACT Generated Incorrect Keyword for PARTITIONING Clause
2.1.26 Vertically Partitioned Tables Allocated Space for COMPUTED BY Columns
2.1.27 VARCHAR Data in Vertically Partitioned Tables not Saved Correctly
2.1.28 ALTER TABLE not Fully Supported for Vertically Partitioned Tables
2.1.29 Error When Creating Storage Map with Many Columns in STORE COLUMNS Clause
2.1.30 Problems Corrected for Sequential Scan
2.1.31 Problems Corrected for Strict Partitioning
2.1.32 When Page Transfer via Memory was Enabled Read-Only Transactions Could Fail
2.1.33 Spam Pages Could be Incorrect After Recovery
2.1.34 RMU/Load/Place Forces Constraint Evaluation
2.1.35 Loss of Entries in Ranked Indexes with Duplicates
2.1.36 WAIT FOR CLOSE Clause Showed Incorrect Information and did not IMPORT Correctly
2.1.37 Match Keys with Constant Equality Returned the Wrong Number of Rows
2.1.38 RMU/SHOW STATISTIC Bugcheck Following Cancelled Sub-Menu Selection
2.1.39 RMU/RECOVER of Optimized AIJ Journal did not Preserve Sequence Number
2.1.40 Subquery of IN clause with Both DISTINCT and LIMIT TO Returned too few Rows
2.1.41 Database Recovery Processes Result in a Bugcheck
2.1.42 Minimum NODE SIZE for SORTED Indexes not Calculated Correctly
2.1.43 RMU/BACKUP/AFTER_JOURNAL "File Already Exists" Failure
2.1.44 RMU/SHOW STATISTIC "Alarm Bell" Rings Excessively for Long Stalls
2.1.45 Floating Divide by Zero in Query with Constant Expression
2.1.46 Memory Leak with Sort when Cursor Closed Before end of Stream
2.1.47 TRANSLATE() Function Returns Corrupted Data Instead of White Space
2.1.48 Error During Remote Replication
2.1.49 Row Cache Screen Shows Extraneous Characters Where Cache Name Exceeds 21 Characters
2.1.50 Processes Stalling for Page Locks when ABW is Enabled
2.1.51 Database Hang When Using Multiple Attaches to Same Database
2.1.52 Excess Query Compilation Time in ALTER TABLE with Complex COMPUTED BY Column
2.1.53 Alpha Bugcheck Stack Dumps not Symbolized Correctly
2.1.54 Database Cannot be Recovered Using RMU/BACKUP/AFTER_JOURNAL/RENAME Backup Files
2.1.55 Application and Oracle Rdb Both Using SYS$HIBER
2.1.56 Additional Bugcheck Information Added
2.1.57 Bugchecks at AIJUTL$SWITCH_FILE + 1430
2.1.58 Errors Corrected for RMU/EXTRACT
2.1.59 Privilege Check Relaxed for TRUNCATE TABLE
2.1.65 Incorrect AIJ Data Following Transaction Rollback
2.1.66 CREATE INDEX on a Table that is Vertically Partitioned will Optimize t
2.1.67 AIJ Backup Could Fail when Opening Database Using Record Cache
2.1.68 Possible Bugcheck when Using Replication Option
2.1.69 Monitor Processing of OPCOM Messages
2.1.70 Storage Areas Extended Unnecessarily
2.1.71 Nested Correlated Sub-query Outer References Incorrect
2.1.72 SELECT ORDER BY from a View Returned Rows in the Wrong Order
2.1.73 Problems Corrected for Query Outlines Change in Query Ordering for Multistatement Procedures TRACE Statement Containing Subqueries
2.1.74 Restriction Lifted for CAST Numeric Value as INTERVAL
2.1.75 Privilege Checking Lifted for Columns Referenced from FOR Loop
2.1.76 Logical Area Lock may not be Released After an Exception like a DEADLO
2.1.77 CREATE INDEX Could Bugcheck for SORTED RANKED Indexes
2.1.78 After dropping a Hash Index, Re-Creating the Same Index Bugchecks
2.1.79 Bugcheck Dump When Trying to Rollback After a Trigger Reported an Erro
2.1.80 LIKE Operator not Returning Rows with Index Only Retrieval
2.1.81 Recovery Operations with Record Cache Cause Corruption
2.1.82 Float-Divide-by-Zero Error from a View Definition Query
2.1.83 Incorrect Number of Reserved Journals Upon Import
2.1.84 Column Privileges for Views not Imported for Ansi-Style Protection
2.1.85 Show Index for a Hashed Index with Mapping Values was Incorrect
2.1.86 IMPORT was Showing Incorrect Information for OPEN Clause
2.1.87 Transaction Modes for CREATE/ALTER Database not EXPORTED/IMPORTED
2.1.88 Incorrect Defaulting of THRESHOLDS in CREATE/ADD STORAGE AREA
2.1.90 Use of STORE Clause Now Enforced with Vertical Record Partitioning Sto
2.1.92 Problems with the TRUNCATE Command The RMU/VERIFY/ALL Command Returns Inconsistency Between SPAM Page a The TRUNCATE TABLE Command Returns RDMS-F-NODBK When Row Caching is
2.1.93 Query with "(SELECT COUNT(*) FROM
2.1.94 Query with Sub-Select in a Derived Table Returns the Wrong Result
2.1.95 Moved Storage Areas Fail in a Cluster
2.1.96 Wrong Results when Using a Longword Literal
2.1.97 Changes to AIP Format in RMU/DUMP
2.1.98 Additional Types Supported for Optimized Mapping
2.1.99 ALS Bugcheck Without Exception Following DBR Invocation
2.1.100 User Process Deleted During Processing of Complex Query
2.1.101 AIJ Backup Failure Leaves Tape Unusable
2.1.102 Sometimes Ranked B-Tree Indexes not Pointing at Rows After Rollback of
2.1.103 Read-Only Transactions Sometimes Bugcheck
2.1.104 Bugcheck with Exception at RDMS$$FIND_MEMBER_EQV_CLASS + CC
2.1.105 Query with Transitive Predicate in Match Strategy Returns Wrong Result
2.1.106 EXTRACT Function Returning Incorrect Values from INTERVAL Types
2.1.107 RMU/CONVERT Corrupts Metadata
2.1.108 Processes Stalling for Page Locks when ABW is Enabled
2.1.109 Query with a CAST Boolean Predicate Returns Wrong Result
2.1.110 Index Cardinality Problems AIJ File Corruption Stalls on the RDB$INDEX_SEGMENTS Table Excessive I/O for SORTED Indices Excessive I/O with Compressed, Multisegment Indexes
2.1.111 RMU/SHOW Missing Output Records
2.1.112 Read-Only Transcations Sometimes Bugcheck in FETCH_SNAP_SEG
2.1.114 TSNs are Reused Following Process Failure
2.1.115 Problems in SQL Functions (SQL_FUNCTIONS.SQL) Have Been Fixed
2.1.116 DEC_Kanji and Shift_JIS characters May be Specified as Table and Column Names
2.1.117 Internal Error in RMU/EXTRACT/ITEM=VIEW
2.1.118 RMU/SHOW STATISTIC Fails with Invalid Time After Multiple "Resets"
2.1.120 Bugcheck Dump After an Attach or Open of a Database
2.1.121 A RMU/EXTRACT/ITEM=VIEW Command Produces an Internal Error
2.1.122 Virtual Pages Increase with Use of Temporary Tables
2.1.123 IMPORT fails with invalid value for ABW batch size
2.1.124 CAST Setting the Wrong VARCHAR Length
2.1.125 DBR Failure Trying to REDO Duplicate DBKEY Entries
2.1.126 Bugcheck Invoking Trigger or Constraint
2.1.127 Query with Zig-Zag Match Returns the Wrong Result
2.1.129 RMU/EXTRACT Problem when Generating RDO Scripts
2.1.130 SQL Queries on the SHOW MODULE Command Causing Poor Performance
2.1.131 SQL Module Language Does Not Align CDD Records



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