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Rdb 7.0.2

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April, 1999 - Oracle releases Rdb version 7.0.2
    Updates to Rdb may be obtained directly from Oracle Support


New Features and Technical Changes (Rdb V7.0.2)
11.1Enhancements In All Interfaces
11.1.1Query Performance and Cartesian Limit
11.1.2Named Query Outlines May Now Be Used by Triggers and Constraints
11.2SQL Interface Enhancements
11.2.1GRANT and REVOKE Support * for Object Names
11.2.2New SET and SHOW DISPLAY Statements for Interactive SQL
11.2.3SQL Now Supports DBKEY String Literals
11.3Oracle RMU Enhancements
11.3.1RMU/SHOW STATISTIC "Logical Area" Statistics Consume Large Amounts of Memory
11.4Row Cache Enhancements
11.4.1RCS Periodic Cache Validation
11.5Hot Standby Enhancements
11.5.1Hot Standby Support for Alternate Remote Nodename



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