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Rdb 7.0.4

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February, 2000 - Oracle releases Rdb version 7.0.4
     [Enhancements] [Bug Fixes]
    Updates to Rdb may be obtained directly from Oracle Support


New Features and Technical Changes (Rdb V7.0.4)
7.3.1Suggestion To Increase Field Size On RMU SHOW STATISTIC
7.3.2SHOW STATS "Logical Area Overview" Enhancements
7.3.3RCS Can Map All Caches at Database Open
7.3.4Performance Enhancements When Number of Cluster Nodes is 1
7.3.5New ROW LENGTH Default Calculated for CREATE CACHE
7.3.7RMU Extract Supports New AUDIT_COMMENT Option
7.3.8Revised Oracle Rdb for OpenVMS Client Kit

Problems Corrected (Rdb V7.0.4)
4.1Software Errors Fixed That Apply to All Interfaces
4.1.1RMU/LOAD into Temporary Table
4.1.2Divide by Zero Error in Query on Large Table
4.1.3Wrong Results With COUNT DISTINCT CASE
4.1.4Bugcheck at RDMS$$RDMSCHEMA_UNLOAD_META+40 on Drop Area With Cascade
4.1.5Unexpected I/O During DROP and TRUNCATE TABLE
4.1.6Incorrect Rounding of Negative Numbers in the Round Function
4.1.7Ignored Join Order Led to Poor Query Performance
4.1.8GROUP BY Query on a Distinct Subquery Returns Wrong Results
4.1.9After Image Journal File Format Change
4.1.10ORDER BY Ignored in Query With a Sub-select Statement
4.1.11Query With Sort/Forward Scan Instead of Reverse Scan Slows Down
4.1.12Query With Selection Predicates Over UNION Legs Returns Wrong Results
4.1.13Left Outer Join View Query With CASE Statement Returns Wrong Results
4.1.14Query Slower Using Cross Strategy and Outline Fails to Restore to Match
4.2SQL Errors Fixed
4.2.1Unexpected UNSDATASS Error Reported by SQL Precompiler and Module Language
4.2.2SQL IMPORT No Longer Evaluates Table and Column Constraints
4.2.3Unexpected INVACC_OUT_PARA Error Generated by CREATE MODULE
4.2.4Changed Behavior for CAST of Date/Time Values With Seconds Field
4.2.5SQL Rejects Queries Which Use Column Named VALUE
4.3Oracle RMU Errors Fixed
4.3.1RMU Extract Has Enhanced Extract of Conditional Expressions
4.3.2RMU/REPLICATE AFTER START Command Fails on TCP/IP With Large Port Numbers
4.3.3SHOW STATS Cannot Replay /OPTIONS=ROW_CACHE Input File
4.3.4RMU/SHOW LOCKS Difficult to Identify Lock Conflict Culprit
4.3.5RMU BACKUP to Tape Hung if Bad Checksum
4.3.6RMU BACKUP to Tape Hung on QUIT Response to Wrong Label Message
4.3.7RMU/REPAIR/INIT=FREE_PAGES/ABM Did Not Return an Error
4.3.8Incorrect BADIDXREL Messages From Online RMU Verify
4.3.9RMU VERIFY Did Not Find a .RDA File After an RMU MOVE
4.4Row Cache Errors Fixed
4.4.1Row Cache Server Operator Notification
4.4.2Row Cache Did Not Avoid Certain Database Writes
4.4.3RMU /CLOSE /WAIT Would Not Always Wait When Row Cache Enabled
4.5Hot Standby Errors Fixed
4.5.1RMU/REPLICATE AFTER START Command Fails Due to Lost AIJ Write



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