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Rdb 7.1

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July, 2001 - Oracle releases Rdb version 7.1
      Updates to Rdb may be obtained directly from Oracle Support


Problems Corrected (Rdb V7.1.0)
3.1.1Performance Improvement for Duplicate Nodes During Index Creation
3.1.2Failure to Extend Storage Area May Leave Logical and Physical EOFs Mismatched
3.1.3Global Buffers Temporarily Disabled for Node Failure Recovery with Row Cache
3.1.4DBR Recovery Operation Work File Allocation
3.1.5DBR Buffer Count for Node Failure Recovery with Row Cache
3.1.6Row Cache Recovery Began at Old Checkpoint with Hot Standby
3.1.7Row Cache Server Operator Notification
3.1.8New Index Scan Algorithm Not Effective with Some Sorted Indexes
3.1.9RCS Can Map All Caches at Database Open
3.1.10Ignored Join Order Led to Poor Query Performance
3.1.11Unexpected I/O During DROP and TRUNCATE TABLE
3.1.12Wrong Results with COUNT...DISTINCT...CASE Query
3.1.13Divide by Zero Error in Query on Large Table
3.1.14Improper Column Reference in CREATE TRIGGER Now Detected
3.1.15Outer Join Query with Aggregate Function Access Violation
3.1.16User Process Deleted During Processing of Complex Query
3.1.17Some CHECK Constraints Not Correctly Evaluated During DELETE Statement
3.1.18Reduced Virtual Memory Consumption
3.1.19Unexpected INVALID_BLR Generated for Some Queries
3.1.20Monitor Reserves Global Buffers for RCS Process
3.1.21Unexpected Bugcheck During ALTER INDEX
3.1.22RDMAIJSERVER Account Priority Set to 15
3.1.23Restrictions Lifted for Strict Partitioning
3.1.25Incorrect Results From SORTED RANKED Index During Direct Key Lookup
3.1.26Monitor Consumes Less Virtual Memory When Opening Databases with Global Buffers
3.1.27Default Node Size Now Displayed After CREATE INDEX
3.1.28Monitor Log File Fragmentation Corrected
3.1.29ALTER INDEX Now Performs Fewer Area Scans
3.1.30RUJ File Size Limit Removed
3.1.31PIO$FETCH Bugcheck Additional Information Added
3.1.32Operator Notification of Bugchecks
3.1.33Unique Identification in Bugcheck Dump Files
3.1.34Moved Storage Areas Fail in a Cluster
3.1.35RMU Show Command Missing Output Records
3.1.36Recovery Operation Work File Allocation
3.1.37Database File Creation Failure Leaves Partially Created Files
3.1.38Bugcheck at DIOBND$GET_LACB + 00000088
3.1.39Possible Data Corruption Using ALTER TABLE...ADD COLUMN with DEFAULT
3.1.40Recursive Logical Name Causes Database Attach to Loop
3.1.41Corrected Tracing of Constraint Evaluation
3.1.42DDAL$$WCF_MARK_ESTABLISH Bugcheck When Using Replication Option
3.1.43Second Online Snapshot Truncation May Wait Indefinitely
3.1.44Index Prefix Cardinalities Not Set to Zero After TRUNCATE TABLE Statement
3.1.45Dynamic Optimizer Ignored Index Restrictions in Query Outlines
3.1.46Enhancements to Range Queries on SORTED Indexes
3.1.47Performance Improvement for Duplicate Nodes During Index Creation
3.1.48Too Many Solutions Tried by the Oracle Rdb Optimizer
3.1.49Monitor and Server Process ENQLM Quota Increased
3.1.50Operator Notification Frequency of AIJ Fullness
3.1.51Database File Creation on Disks with OpenVMS File High-Water Marking Enabled
3.1.52Possible Corruption of LIST OF BYTE VARYING Data
3.1.53FOR UPDATE Clause Not Correctly Locking Rows During Index-Only Retrieval
3.1.54Query Using Partitioned, Sorted Index with MAPPING VALUES Returned Zero Rows
3.1.55Large PGFLQUO Required for Database with Many Global Buffers
3.1.56Page Locks Not Released Until End of Request
3.1.57Page Locks Increased at End of Transaction
3.1.58Invalid DATE VMS Values Accepted from Text String Literals
3.1.59Multiple Index Segments Not Used for OR Query
3.1.60Sort No Longer Stops When One Work File Device Is Full But Others Are Not
3.1.61Excessive SPAM Page Locks, I/O and Stalls with Fast Incremental Backup
3.1.62AIJ File Name Was Not Translated If Defined as a Logical in SQL
3.2SQL Errors Fixed
3.2.1Using the CALL Statement in Dynamic SQL Results in Input Parameter Not Being Written to SQLDA
3.2.2Using NULL Indicators With Dynamic SQL and Compound Statements Yields Incorrect Results
3.2.3Network Link Failure Does Not Allow DISCONNECT to Clean Up Transactions
3.2.4IMPORT DATABASE Did Not Substitute New Collating Sequence
3.2.5ALTER TABLE Support Extended for Temporary Tables
3.2.6ATOMIC Block Not Rolling Back Changes on Error
3.2.7GROUP BY Queries Fail with INVALID_BLR Error
3.2.8Oracle Level1 Dialect Not Displayed by SHOW CONNECTIONS
3.2.10Temporary File Cleanup During Precompiled SQL
3.2.12Unexpected Information Message Issued for Some Statements
3.2.13SQL Precompiler Did Not Truncate Long File Names When Creating Object Module Name
3.2.14Clarification of USER Impersonation Provided by the Oracle Rdb Server
3.2.15Unexpected Column Name Present in SQLDA Structure
3.2.16Unexpected Errors from Date/Time Subtraction
3.2.17Incorrect Output in SHOW STORAGE AREA (USAGE) Display
3.2.18SQL Rejects Queries Using a Column Named VALUE
3.2.19Changed Behavior of SUBSTRING Function
3.2.20ORDER BY Ignored in Query with a Sub-SELECT Statement
3.2.21Changed Behavior for CAST of Date and Time Values with Seconds Field
3.2.22ALTER STORAGE MAP and ALTER INDEX Statement Fixes
3.2.23Incorrect Rounding of Negative Numbers in the Round Function
3.2.24Unexpected INVACC_OUT_PARA Error Generated by CREATE MODULE
3.2.25SQL IMPORT No Longer Evaluates Table and Column Constraints
3.2.26Incorrect Results From Oracle7-Style Outer Join Syntax
3.2.27SQL Module Language Compiler Fails Unexpectedly
3.2.28UNKNOWN_VAR Error Reported During SELECT from a View
3.2.29Incomplete Support for Multischema Databases for Query Outlines Clause
3.2.30CREATE VIEW May Fail on Large or Complex View Definition
3.2.31Domain Constraints Did Not Support Function Calls Passing VALUE
3.2.32SQL Uses Read Write Transactions Against Standby Database
3.2.33Restrictions on CURRENT_TIMESTAMP Default Value Lifted
3.2.35Incorrect Values Returned from GET DIAGNOSTICS Statement
3.2.36Performance for Multi-Join Queries of Low-Cardinality Tables
3.2.38Wrong Results for SELECT with DISTINCT in View and Aggregate Function
3.2.39Wrong Results for SELECT with GROUP BY Clause and Aggregate Function
3.2.40Invalid Column Renaming in ORDER BY and GROUP BY Not Diagnosed
3.2.41IMPORT Sometimes Fails When Processing COMPUTED BY Columns
3.2.42Improved Diagnostics for Incompatible CAST Operation
3.2.43Unexpected SQL Bugcheck When Dialect Is Set to ORACLE LEVEL1
3.2.44Unexpected SQL Bugcheck When Processing Multiple Aggregate Functions
3.2.45Confusing Diagnostics for Variables with Indicator Parameters
3.2.46Unexpected Warnings from SQL Module Language Compiler
3.2.47Unexpected SQL Bugcheck During CREATE TRIGGER Statement
3.2.48Assignment to Variables with CONSTANT Attribute Not Detected at Compile Time
3.2.49Column Renaming Not Applied to DBKEY Expression
3.2.50INSERT ... RETURNING Statement Produces Incorrect Data
3.2.51Invalid Use of Asterisk (*) Character Caused SQL Bugcheck Dump
3.2.53Interactive SQL No Longer Prompts After ALTER INDEX...MAINTENANCE IS DISABLED
3.2.55Unexpected INTOVF Error Reported for Some Queries
3.2.56Incorrect Processing of Subquery When Nested in FOR Cursor Loop
3.2.57ALTER DOMAIN...DROP DEFAULT Reports Unexpected DEFVALUNS Error
3.2.58Nested Correlated Subquery Outer References Now Correct
3.2.59SQLCODE and SQLSTATE Now Correctly Propagated from SQL Routines
3.2.60ALTER INDEX Now Validates Storage Area Names Early
3.2.61Nested Logical Names in Database Names Now Recognized
3.2.62Restriction Lifted for CAST Numeric Value as INTERVAL
3.2.63Privilege Checking Relaxed for Columns Referenced from FOR Loop
3.2.64Dump at KOD$ROLLBACK + 194 When Trying to Roll Back After Trigger
3.2.65Incorrect Defaulting of THRESHOLDS in CREATE/ADD STORAGE AREA
3.2.66SUBSTRING Not Always Returning VARCHAR Result
3.2.67New DEFAULT Added by ALTER DOMAIN Might Be Incorrect
3.2.68Hold Cursor Closed on SET TRANSACTION
3.2.69UNION ALL and Derived Tables Now Allow Up to 2000 Value Expressions in Select List
3.2.70Memory Leak on ATTACH
3.2.71EXPORT/IMPORT of Storage Map Compression Not Working Correctly
3.2.72Computed Column Restriction Lifted for CREATE TRANSFER
3.2.73SELECT Returns Incorrect Values for GROUP BY Queries
3.2.74Oracle RDBMS-Style Join Syntax Does Not Support ALL Predicate
3.2.75IMPORT Multifile Database as Single File Database May Fail
3.2.76Bugcheck at LCKCCH$LOCK_RET_NOT_OK During Hash Index Creation
3.2.77Known Problems with EXPORT and IMPORT
3.2.78Exception in Nested Routines Did Not Close Index Scans
3.2.79Truncated Values Output by TRACE Statement
3.2.80Extraneous Logical Area Created by DROP STORAGE MAP
3.2.81Cannot Disable SAME BACKUP FILENAME Clause
3.2.82Multiple NOT NULL Constraints Generated WHYTWICE Exception
3.2.83DROP FUNCTION or DROP PROCEDURE Leave Dependency Records
3.2.84Supplied CHR Function Returns Incorrect Value
3.2.85SQLSTATE Usage Corrections
3.2.86SQLSTATE Include Files Now Available
3.3Oracle RMU Errors Fixed
3.3.1RMU Load /Transaction_Type=Batch_Update Record Count Stored After Failure
3.3.2RMU Verify Constraint Reports Erroneous Violation
3.3.3RMU Load FILACCERR Exception While Reading Input File
3.3.4RMU Load Access Violation Occurred When Table Constraints Were Defined
3.3.5RMU Verify Index Transaction=Read_Only Did Not Detect BADIDXREL
3.3.6Faulty PID:STID Display on Greater Than 99 Attachments in RMU Show Statistics
3.3.7RMU Backup to Tape Hung on QUIT Response to Wrong Label Message
3.3.8RMU Backup to Tape Hung If Bad Checksum on Database Page
3.3.9RMU Repair Init=Free_Pages Abm Command Did Not Return an Error
3.3.10Incorrect BADIDXREL Messages from Online RMU Verify Command
3.3.11RMU Verify Did Not Find an RDA File After an RMU Move
3.3.12RMU Extract Output Formatting Corrections
3.3.13RMU Extract Bugchecks During Protections
3.3.14Accumulating Statistic Information for an Extended Period of Time
3.3.15Terminal Width Checked by RMU Show Statistics
3.3.16Terminal Type Checked by RMU Show Statistics
3.3.17RMU Show Statistics Incorrect AIJ CurrEOF Value
3.3.18Lock ID Hidden by Stall Message in RMU Show Statistics
3.3.19RMU Load into Temporary Table
3.3.20RMU Load from a Record-Oriented Device
3.3.21Possible Failures When Using RMU Convert Nocommit Command
3.3.22RMU Move_Area Did Not Delete Moved Files on Failure
3.3.23PGSPAMENT Errors from RMU Verify After an RMU Restore
3.3.24Parallel Load No Longer Generates INPCONERR Error
3.3.25Monitor No Longer Bugchecks at COSI$IO_PUT_OUTPUT + 18A
3.3.26RMU Unload Record=(Format=Delim) Command May Fail with an ACCVIO
3.3.27RMU Unload After_Journal Excessive Work File I/O
3.3.28RMU Collect Command Generates Incorrect Prefix Cardinalities
3.3.29RMU/UNLOAD/AFTER_JOURNAL Checks Callback Routine Return Status
3.3.32RMU/LOAD Exception in READ_BLOB Routine If Empty Query Header
3.3.33RMU/VERIFY/INDEX Always Used Two SORTWORK Files
3.3.34RMU/ANALYZE/PLACE Displayed 0 Path Length for Some Hashed Indexes
3.3.35RMU/REPAIR/ABM/SPAM Can Cause Multiple AIP Page Pointers
3.3.36RMU/RESTORE/OPEN_MODE Did Not Also Set Database Close Mode
3.3.37RMU/SHOW STATISTICS Gives Incorrect Results with /RESET/OUTPUT/CLUSTER
3.3.38RMU/VERIFY Does Not Report Cause of VMS SORT Error
3.3.39RMU/VERIFY RMU-E-BADSEGTYP Message Gives Insufficient Information
3.3.40RMU/CONVERT Multischema Database Problem
3.3.41RMU RESTORE to Multiple Tapes Gives False RMU-F-BACFILCOR
3.3.42RMU/REPAIR/INIT=FREE_PAGES Corrupted Sorted Ranked Indexes
3.3.43RMU Extract Did Not Process Empty QUERY HEADER Segments
3.3.44Confusing Lock Mode Displays Updated
3.3.45RMU Extract Fails to Extract IMPORT Script from
3.3.46RMU Extract May Abort with ACCVIO and Bugcheck
3.3.47RMU Alter Could Not Open the Snapshot File for a Single
3.3.48RMU Set After_Journal Switch and Automatic Backup Server
3.4RdbPRE, RDML, and RDO Errors Fixed
3.4.1RDO EDT Editor on OpenVMS Alpha
3.4.2RdbPRE Results in MAXARGEXC Warning from Alpha MACRO Compiler



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