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November, 2001 - Oracle releases Rdb version
     [Enhancements] [Bug Fixes]
    Updates to Rdb may be obtained directly from Oracle Support


New Features and Technical Changes (Rdb V7.1.0.1)
3.1.1 SQL Now Supports a Native ABS Function
3.1.2 New DUMP Output Format for LogMiner
3.1.3 Data and SPAM Prefetch Screens Added to RMU/SHOW STATISTICS
3.1.4 RMU/SHOW STATISTICS Stall Log Lock Information Optional
3.1.5 New Option for the GET DIAGNOSTICS Statement
3.1.6 Alternate Outline Ids
3.1.7 Field Widths Wider on Row Cache Overview Display
3.1.8 FOR Counted Loop Enhancements
3.1.9 Enhancements to SET DISPLAY Statement for Interactive SQL
3.1.10 New BITSTRING Built In Function
3.1.11 New SET PAGE LENGTH Command for Interactive SQL
3.1.12 New ALTER CONSTRAINT Statement
3.1.13 DECLARE Variable Now Supports CHECK Constraint
3.1.14 RMU/SHOW STATISTICS Active User Stall Messages Sorted by Process ID
3.1.16 RMU/SHOW STATISTICS Cluster Data Collection Performance Enhancement
3.1.17 RMU Extract has Enhanced Extract of Conditional Expressions

Problems Corrected (Rdb V7.1.0.1)
2.1 Software Errors Fixed That Apply to All Interfaces
2.1.1 Excessive Disk I/O for DROP TABLE and TRUNCATE TABLE
2.1.2 LIST Storage Map Not Updated Upon ALTER or DROP TABLE
2.1.3 ARBs Exhausted
2.1.4 CLEAN BUFFER COUNT Parameter Not Obeyed
2.1.6 Page Locks Not Demoted at End of Transaction When FAST COMMIT Enabled
2.1.7 Bitmapped Scan Causes Bugcheck on Transaction Termination
2.1.8 Problems With Column Outlines
2.1.9 Count Scan Optimization Incorrectly Returning Count of 0
2.1.10 Disabling AIJ When Row Cache Recovery Required
2.1.11 Bitmapped Scan Problem With Large Indexes
2.1.12 Query With Range List OR Predicates Returns Wrong Results
2.1.13 Database Corruption Using Cluster With Galaxy and Non-Galaxy Nodes
2.1.14 Performance Problems when RDM$BIND_SNAP_QUIET_POINT Defined to 0
2.1.15 Workload Ignored When Loaded with RMU/INSERT OPTIMIZER_STATISTICS
2.1.16 Descending Sort Not Producing Correct Ordering for BIGINT and DATE Columns
2.1.17 Bitmapped Scan Incorrectly Chosen by Optimizer
2.1.18 Cannot Connect With Remote Access When Using a Logical
2.1.19 Query Joining Derived Tables of Union Legs With Empty Tables Returns Wrong Results
2.1.20 Left Outer Join Query With OR Predicate Returns Wrong Results
2.1.21 Query Using Match Strategy With DISTINCT Function Returns Wrong Results
2.1.22 GROUP BY Query With SUM Aggregate Returns Wrong Results
2.1.23 ROLLBACK Hangs Under DECdtm When Called From an ACMS CANCEL Procedure
2.1.24 COMPUTED BY Columns Now Automatically Reserve Referenced Tables
2.2 SQL Errors Fixed
2.1 Command Line Recall Expanded to 255 Lines
2.2 New Minimum Value for the INTERVAL Leading Precision
2.3 Incorrect Processing of CASE Expression
2.4 ALTER TABLE Not Dropping NOT NULL Constraints When NULL Clause Used
2.5 Some Constraint Definitions Not Supported for AUTOMATIC Columns
2.7 Select With Identical "not in" Clauses
2.8 Keyword Matching Now Reported by Interactive SQL
2.9 CREATE MODULE Bugchecks When a Subselect is Used as a Parameter DEFAULT
2.10 Obsolete Metadata Errors When Using Rdb SQL V7.1 to Access Oracle Rdb V7.0 Databases
2.11 SQL$PRE and SQL$MOD Performance Improvements
2.12 Incompatible Character Sets Not Detected by SQL Interface
2.13 SQLMOD Fails to Set Default Character Set Correctly
2.3 Oracle RMU Errors Fixed
2.3.1 RMU Extract Not Formatting View Column Expressions Correctly
2.3.2 RMU/UNLOAD/AFTER_JOURNAL Fragmented Records Clarification
2.3.3 RMU/DUMP/BACKUP Did Not Check the VMS BYPASS Privilege
2.3.4 RMU/BACKUP Invalid Volume 1 Tape Label When Used With COMPAQ SLS
2.3.5 RMU/ANALYZE/CARDINALITY Fails on Databases With Local Temporary Tables
2.3.6 File Name Not Displayed By RMU /RESTORE for Extend Failure
2.3.7 RMU/SHOW STATISTICS Allowed Suspend of Disabled ABS
2.3.8 RMU/COPY/BLOCKS_PER_PAGE Can Corrupt Copied Database Uniform Areas
2.3.9 DROPped Storage Area and RMU /VERIFY in Cluster
2.3.10 RMU /VERIFY Checks All Storage Area Files First
2.3.11 RMU/SHOW STATISTICS Multi-Page Report File
2.3.12 Area Locks Demoted Statistic Not Always Correctly Incremented
2.4 LogMiner Errors Fixed
2.4.1 LogMiner Compresses Pre-Delete Record Content
2.5 Optimizer Problems Fixed in Oracle Rdb Release 7.1.0
2.5.1 Query Having OR Compound Predicates With Subquery Returns Wrong Results
2.5.2 Query Using OR/AND Predicates With EXISTS Clause Returns Wrong Results
2.5.3 Query Using German Collating Sequence Returns Wrong Results
2.5.4 Left Outer Join Query Returns Wrong Results When ON Clause Evaluates to False
2.5.5 Query With Two IN Clauses on Two Subqueries Returns Wrong Results
2.5.6 Query Having Same SUBSTRINGs Within CASE Expression Returns Wrong Results
2.5.7 Aggregate Query With Nested MIN Function Returns Wrong Results
2.5.8 Query with UNION Subselect Returns Wrong Results
2.5.9 Query with CONCATENATE in BETWEEN Clause Returns Wrong Results
2.5.10 ORDER BY Query With GROUP BY on Two Joined Derived Tables Returns Wrong Results
2.5.11 Left Outer Join Query With CONCATENATE Returns Wrong Results
2.5.12 Query With UNION in German Collating Sequence Returns Wrong Results
2.5.13 Query With OR Predicate on Aggregate Column Returns Wrong Results
2.5.14 Query With Equality Predicate Included in IN Clause Returns Wrong Results
2.5.15 Match Strategy on Columns of Different Size, Using Collating Sequence, Returns Wrong Results
2.5.16 Left Outer Join Query With CAST Function on USING Column Bugchecks
2.5.17 Query Using Constant Values in OR Predicates Returns Wrong Results



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