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Aprill, 2002 - Oracle releases DBMS version
    Updates to DBMS may be obtained directly from Oracle Support


New Features and Technical Changes (Rdb V7.1.0.2)
1.1 Buffer Objects Enhancements
1.2 RMU Support Added for New OpenVMS Tape Density Values
1.3 Ability to Compress RMU/SHOW STATISTICS Output File Added
1.4 IEEE Floating Point Format for SQL Module Language and Precompiled SQL
1.4.1 SQL Module Language (SQL$MOD)
1.4.2 Precompiled SQL (SQL$PRE)
1.4.3 Use of the Dynamic Descriptor Area (SQLDA and SQLDA2)
1.4.4 Use of Common Data Dictionary (CDD)
1.5 INCLUDE_DB_NAME Event Attribute for RMU/SHOW STATISTICS User Defined Events
1.6 New ALTER OUTLINE Statement
1.7 DROP Statement Now Includes IF EXISTS Clause
1.8 New EXCEPT, INTERSECT and MINUS Operators
1.9 IDENTITY Attribute Now Supported by Oracle Rdb
1.10 Enhanced Bitmapped Scans
1.11 Extended Record Compression
1.12 RMU /UNLOAD /AFTER_JOURNAL Wildcard Table Names
1.13 New NAME Clause for SET/DECLARE TRANSACTION Statement
1.14 New Built In Functions for Oracle RDBMS Compatibility
1.15 New AND CHAIN Syntax Supported for COMMIT and ROLLBACK
1.16 New Options for SET FLAGS Statement



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