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Rdb 7.1.1

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May, 2003 - Oracle releases Rdb version 7.1.1
     [Enhancements] [Bug Fixes]
    Updates to Rdb may be obtained directly from Oracle Support


New Features and Technical Changes (Rdb V7.1.1)
8.1Enhancements Provided in Oracle Rdb Release 7.1.1
8.1.1Scan Intrusion Security Now Supported


Problems Corrected (Rdb V7.1.1)
Software errors fixed in Oracle Rdb Release 7.1.1
2Software errors fixed that apply to all interfaces.
2.1DBR Process Bugchecks In DBR$DO_C_AIJBUF during node-failure recovery.
2.22PC transaction rolled back if transaction manager unavailable.
2.3New after image journal format.
2.4Sequence numbers repeat.
2.5Recovered database may not have correct sequences.
2.6Bugcheck when reserving sequence slots at RUJ$JOURNAL + 028C.
2.7Left outer query with OR predicate returns wrong result.
2.8GROUP BY query with match strategy returns wrong result.
2.9Query bugchecks when IN clause contains more than 2 Dbkeys.
2.10Left OJ Query applying ZigZag match strategy bugchecks.
2.11Unexpected privileges required using VLM or SSB features with OpenVMS Galaxy support enabled.
2.12Processes loop at IPL2 when VLM or SSB features Used.
2.13Memory leak with preattached SQL/Services service and persona enabled.
2.14Persona rights not honored with non-privileged SQL/Services service.
3SQL errors fixed.
3.1Simple CASE and DECODE not processed correctly in dynamic SQL.
3.3Unexpected BAD_SYM error when recreating table with IDENTITY column.
4Oracle RMU Errors Fixed.
4.1Data corruption In V7.0 after RMU/CONVERT/ROLLBACK if rows updated in V7.1.
4.2RMU /UNLOAD /AFTER_JOURNAL indicated record length incorrect.
4.4Some RMU parallel backup parameters were incorrectly set.
4.5RMU parallel backup new style tape density not set correctly.
4.6RMU Parallel sackup sometimes did not update the database root.
4.7RMU/BACKUP/AFTER_JOURNAL to tape could sometimes hang.
4.8RMU Load Support For Interchange (RBR) files from SQL EXPORT.
4.9Various RMU commands return file access conflict errors.



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