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Rdb 7.1.2

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October, 2003 - Oracle releases Rdb version 7.1.2
     [Enhancements] [Bug Fixes]
    Updates to Rdb may be obtained directly from Oracle Support


New Features and Technical Changes (Rdb V7.1.2)
Enhancements provided in Oracle Rdb release 7.1.2.
1.1New NVL2 expression.
1.3New dialect ORACLE LEVEL2 added.
1.4RMONSTOP71.COM Parameter for RMU/MONITOR STOP command.
1.6RMU /SHOW STATISTICS enhanced to show large memory setting.
1.7Statistics collection performance improvement for AlphaServer GS systems.
1.8RMU RECOVER accepts wildcard After-image Journal file specifications and ORDER_AIJ_FILES qualifier.
1.9RMU/SHOW STATISTICS page dump content and format enhancements.
1.10Enhancement to prestarted transaction timeout.
1.11RDM$BIND_SNAP_QUIET_POINT logical no longer Used.
1.12New SET CONTINUE CHARACTER statement for interactive SQL.
1.13OPTIMIZE clause enhancements.
1.14New Options for the OPTIMIZATION_LEVEL qualifier.
1.15SET OPTIMIZATION LEVEL enhancements.
1.16RMU Load now supports SELECTIVITY option for OPTIMIZE Qualifier.
1.17New options supported for LOGMINER SUPPORT clause.
1.18Changes to the IMPORT command.
1.19ALTER MODULE statement.
1.20New RENAME statement.
1.21New Warning generated when row size exceeds row cache length.
1.22Oracle media management V2.0 API for Oracle Rdb RMU.
1.23Commands accepting /LIBRARIAN.
1.24Opaque archive application.
1.25RMU backup streams.
1.26Parallel backup operations.
1.27Data stream naming considerations.
1.28/LIBRARIAN parameters.
1.29Logical names To access LIBRARIAN application.
1.30SQL/Services required for RMU parallel backup.
1.31Listing and deleting data streams.
1.32Sanity checks added to RMU /VERIFY to check TSNs and CSNs.
1.33RMU /CLOSE /WAIT /NOCLUSTER now allowed.
1.34Native 64-bit Virtual Addressing for row caches.
1.3564-bit addressing no application or database Changes required.
1.36Deprecated Attributes.
1.37Snapshots In Row Cache.
1.38Performance Enhancements for RMU /RECOVER with optimized After-Image Journals.
1.39Enhancements to INSERT FILENAME for LIST OF BYTE VARYING Data.
1.40Default for RMU CRC Qualifier Changed to /CRC = AUTODIN_II.
1.41New LIKE clause added to CREATE TABLE.
1.42Enhancements to statistical functions.
1.43RMU /VERIFY enhanced to detect sequence problems.


Problems Corrected (Rdb V7.1.2)
Software errors fixed in Oracle Rdb Release 7.1.2
2.1Software errors fixed that apply to all interfaces.
2.2Area access fails after online storage area creation.
2.3Page Transfer via memory feature now available.
2.4UNION Query with two left outer joins in first leg returns wrong results.
2.5Error %RDMS-E-NOSOL_FOUND in Full Outer join query.
2.6Query with EXISTS clause and COMPUTED BY column returns wrong results.
2.7Bugcheck in DIO$FREE_CURRENT_LOCK for sorted ranked indexes.
2.8Illegal page count error in the dynamic optimizer.
2.9Ranked index overflow node corruption on insert.
2.10Incorrect results from a reverse scan on a ranked index.
2.11Restriction removed for READ ONLY transaction on standby database
2.12Bugcheck at PSIINDEX$FIND_ENTS_EXACT + 54.
2.13AIJ Log server process may loop or bugcheck.
2.15ROLLBACK not appended to AIJ for failed 2PC transactions.
2.16Bugcheck at LCK$MEMBIT_BLAST + 023C with exception of COSI-F-IVLOCKID
2.17Bugcheck when multiple tables are transitively joined with IS NULL Filter.
2.18Unexpected error from GRANT and REVOKE.
2.19Process can hang after SYS$FORCEX issued.
2.20Show storage map "Lists_Map" partition display error
2.21Incorrect cardinalities calculated by CREATE DATABASE.
2.22ALTER INDEX fails with the RDMS-F-NOT_LARDY error.
2.23Cannot drop close timer database.
2.24Outer ORDER BY ignored in favor of inner ORDER BY clause.
2.25Query Using IN clause with 16 filter predicates runs slower
2.26PIOUTL$BUILD_IORB bugcheck adding mixed format storage area
2.27Unexpected Bugcheck During CREATE SEQUENCE.
2.28Bugcheck on dropping of an empty sorted ranked index.
2.29Index estimation may not estimate the most useful index first
2.30Premature switch to sequential retrieval in the dynamic optimizer
2.31Poor performance from bulk loads after
2.32RDMRLE image not always supplied during installation.
2.33SORT consumes all available memory.
2.34Unexpected failure of the IDENTITY clause in CREATE TABLE.
2.35Unexpected failure of INSERT for Table with IDENTITY after an IMPORT
2.36Unexpected Privileges required using VLM or SSB features with OpenVMS Galaxy support enabled.
2.37bugchecks at PIO$FETCH + 00000360.
2.38DBR bugchecks at DBR$DDTM_RESOLVE + 000003F4.
2.39Spurious CHECKSUM errors reading READ ONLY areas with global buffers.
2.40Additional memory utilized for global buffers starting with Rdb release
2.41Fields added to informational table RDB$CACHES.
2.42Page locks not released when LOCKING IS PAGE LEVEL.
2.43Potential bugcheck using VLM Global buffers with Galaxy support.
2.44Incorrect retrieval of duplicates from ranked Indexes.
2.45ALTER TABLE Statement May Fail if RESERVING clause used for transaction.
2.46Processes not recovered after node failure.
2.47DBR bugchecks at PIO$COMPLETE + 000002E4.
2.48Left outer join query with CONCAT function returns wrong results.
2.50Query with sum function of two select counts bugchecks.
3SQL Errors fixed.
3.1DECLARE LOCAL TEMPORARY TABLE limited to 10 tables per session.
3.2Unexpected ACCVIO when reporting incompatible character set assignments.
3.3ALTER STORAGE MAP may fail with PARTEXTS error for LIST storage map.
3.4Problems corrected in ALTER INDEX BUILD PARTITION.
3.5INSERT into table with an IDENTITY column may fail with RDB$_NO_PRIV error.
3.6IMPORT may generate ACCVIO exception during import of a module.
3.7SELECT FOR UPDATE now supported by Oracle Rdb.
3.8Unexpected failure from DROP STORAGE AREA CASCADE clause.
3.9Create Module declaring integer variable's default with cast bugchecks.
3.10Incorrect Unit for the DETECTED ASYNC PREFETCH THRESHOLD option.
3.11DROP CONSTRAINT now operates on column and table constraint.
3.12IVP or other failure with dynamic SQL if SQL$INT is Installed/RESIDENT.
3.13CREATE INDEX Would Fail With READ_ONLY_FIELD error.
3.14SQL Added padding spaces to saved source SQL statement.
3.15ALTER TABLE caused AUTOMATIC UPDATE columns to be evaluated for all rows.
3.16SQL-F-NODBFILE When SQL Modules are compiled with /CONNECT.
3.17Concatenate now supports Non-character values in ORACLE LEVEL2.
3.18RDB-E-REQ_NO_TRANS with multiple SQL modules and images.
4RDO and RDML errors fixed.
4.1RDML /DATE_TYPE qualifier default is now NOEMPTY_RECORDS.
4.2RMU errors fixed.
4.3Could not import statistics on different node.
4.4RMU extract generates incorrect ALTER TABLE ADD CONSTRAINT syntax.
4.5RMU/VERIFY/CONSTRAINTS problems with named tables and constraints.
4.6RMU/BACKUP/PARALLEL/DISK_FILE did not work properly
4.7RMU/BACKUP/DISK_FILE fails if too many writer threads
4.8TRUNCATE TABLE and RMU /REPAIR corruption corrected.
4.9AIJ backup file may not allow recovery of a restored database.
4.10Domains required for SQL_FUNCTION not output by RMU extract
4.11RMU/RESTORE bugchecks at LCK$STALL_FOR_ENQ + 0CC0.
4.12Changes to RMU /CLOSE behavior.
4.13May not be able to apply the next AIJ after doing RMU/RECOVER/RESOLVE /STATE multiple times.
4.14RMU/EXTRACT/ITEM=DATABASE may not display snapshot file attributes
4.15Recovery of empty optimized AIJ does not update the sequence number.
4.16RMU/VERIFY not writing constraint verification failure warnings to /OUTPUT file.
4.17RMU/COLLECT may default to a READ WRITE transaction.
4.18RMU/CONVERT failed if VMS$MEM_RESIDENT_USER rights identifier not held.
4.19Multi-Disk file restore could fail if READER_THREADS exceeded one.
4.20RMU extract not extracting modules correctly when MATCH option used.
4.21Recovery of database with fixed AIJs after convert to V7.1 could lose data.
4.22Some database backup files created with LZSS compression could not be restored.
4.23RMU verify access violation allocating memory for Expanding a Storage Record.
5LogMiner errors fixed.
5.1LogMiner elimination of processing unneeded AIJ files.
5.2Replication Option and LogMiner features active at the same time
5.3RMU /UNLOAD /AFTER_JOURNAL created .RRD content clarification.
6Row cache errors fixed.
6.1Storage area grows despite row erasure when using row cache.
6.2Logical area record erasure count not updated for cached rows.
6.3Commit performance improvement with row cache feature.
RMU/SETROW_CACHE command updates.
7RMU show statistics errors fixed.
7.1RMU /SHOW STATISTICS writes invalid configuration file.
7.2RMU /SHOW STATISTICS /DEADLOCK_LOG does not record first deadlock occurrence.
7.3RMU /SHOW STATISTICS row cache overview integer overflow.
7.4RMU /SHOW STATISTICS "Device Information" screen bugchecks in playback mode.
7.5RMU /SHOW STATISTICS Limiting multi-page report.
7.6RMU /SHOW STATISTICS Misleading maximum values after RESET or UNRESET.
7.7Enhancement to transaction duration display when written to report.
7.9RMU /SHOW STATISTICS 95th percentile transaction duration less than 0.40 seconds.
7.10"RUJ File Writes" statistic not accurate
7.11RMU /SHOW STATISTICS custom (Yanked) value double of value reported in original screen.
8Hot standby errors fixed.
8.1Changes to RMU /REPLICATE AFTER START /BUFFERS qualifier.
8.2Standby database missing updates if master not manually opened.
8.3Starting LRS on master database caused shutdown.
9Oracle Trace errors fixed.
9.1Oracle Trace did not collect for Oracle Rdb Release 7.1.1



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