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September 2004 - Oracle releases Rdb version
     [Enhancements] [Bug Fixes]
    Updates to Rdb may be obtained directly from Oracle Support

New Features and Technical Changes (Rdb V7.1.3.0.x)
Enhancements Provided in Oracle Rdb Release
3.1.1 Dynamic Optimizer FAST FIRST Shortcut Termination
3.1.2 RDMS$DEBUG_FLAGS_OUTPUT Now Substitutes the Process ID in Output Filename
3.1.3 Peephole Optimization for Hidden Key Retrieval
3.1.4 New PROTOTYPES Qualifier for SQL Module Language
3.1.5 RMU /UNLOAD /AFTER_JOURNAL Performance Enhancement
3.1.6 New GET DIAGNOSTICS Keywords
3.1.8 New EXECUTE Syntax
3.1.9 Bitmap Scan Performance Enhancements Bitmap Scan for OR Index Retrieval Processing of Unique Keys and Non-ranked Indices Enhanced Fast First Processing
3.1.10 Enhancements to SQL SHOW Commands
3.1.11 Return EXCESS_TRAN with Distributed Transaction
3.1.12 Dynamic SQL Enhancements

Problems Corrected (Rdb V7.1.3.0.x)
Software Errors Fixed in Oracle Rdb Release 7.1.3
2.1 Software Errors Fixed That Apply to All Interfaces
2.1.1 Deadlock on Quiet After Journal Backup
2.1.2 Logical Name Search Lists Supported by Attach
2.1.4 RDBPRE Incorrectly Reported an Error for Reserved Word VIA
2.1.5 Query With OR Predicate Slows Down Due to Wrong Strategy
2.1.6 Bugcheck from Query with ORDER BY Using Translation Function
2.1.7 Bugcheck from a Count Query at Compile Time
2.1.8 Logical Names Translated Twice
2.1.9   AIP Length Not Set Correctly for Tables with AUTOMATIC Columns
2.1.10 Bugcheck Dump During Alter Storage Map Command
2.1.11 Complex Query With MAX()...GROUP  BY Returns Wrong Result
2.1.12 Unexpected Constraint Failures from RMU Verify Constraint

2.2 SQL Errors Fixed
2.2.1 High I/O Rates for BUILD PARTITION on HASHED Index
2.2.2 Unexpected LANUNSDTP Error for BIGINT Parameters
2.2.3 Simple Function Names Hiding User Column Data
2.2.4  SQL$MOD Compile Bugcheck at GEM_IP_BUILD + 00003F7C
2.2.5 Unexpected Bugcheck when Using TRACE Statement and Subselect
2.2.6 DEFAULT on COMPUTED BY Causes Corruption During INSERT
2.2.7 Unexpected NO_META_UPDATE Error Generated by DROP MODULE CASCADE When Attached by PATHNAME
2.2.8 Relaxed Rules for Date/Time Comparison.
2.2.9 Unexpected ONEDBINMOD Error Reported for LOCK TABLE Statement.
2.2.10 Unexpected Memory Error when CONSTRAINT=ON Option Used for an Application
2.2.11 Changes to Pascal Support in SQL Precompiler
2.2.12 New Optional Builtin Function RDB$$IS_ROW_FRAGMENTED
2.2.13 ROUND and TRUNC are now Built In Functions for SQL.

2.3  RMU Errors Fixed
2.3.1 RMU Extract Item=VERIFY Incorrectly Includes Information Tables
2.3.2 RMU/BACKUP Did Not Always Create an RMUBUGCHK.DMP File for Certain Errors
2.3.3 Default Concurrency for RMU/RESTORE from Multiple Tape Drives was Incorrect.
2.3.4 RMU Extract may Bugcheck if Executed when Metadata Changes are Being Made.
2.3.5 RMU Unload Could Not be Used to Unload Information Tables
2.3.6  RMU/RESTORE/INCREMENTAL/AREA Did Not Check if Default and List Areas Were Out of Date
2.3.7 RMU Extract Not Preserving BEFORE/AFTER COLUMN Ordering
2.3.8  RMU/DUMP/BACKUP/LIBRARIAN=READER=1 Could Create Multiple Reader Threads
2.3.9 RMU/BACKUP/LIBRARIAN=(LOGICAL=(logical_name=equivalence_name)) Behavior Changed
2.3.10 RMU Extract Fails on Some View Definitions
2.3.11 RMU Extract Fails to Extract Large Trigger Definition
2.3.12 RMU Extract of a Module May Generate Incorrect Syntax.

2.4  LogMiner Errors Fixed
2.4.1 RMU /UNLOAD /AFTER_JOURNAL Possible Missing Pre-delete Content




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