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August 2005 - Oracle releases Rdb version
     [Enhancements] [Bug Fixes]
    Updates to Rdb may be obtained directly from Oracle Support

Software Errors Fixed in Oracle Rdb Release
2.1 Software Errors Fixed That Apply to All Interfaces
2.1.2 Query With Two ORDER BY Clauses Returns Wrong Result
2.1.3 Database Shutdown Interruped by Re-attach May Cause Lost ALS Process
2.1.4 Query With BETWEEN Clause Slows Down Using Index Full Scan
2.1.5 Database Recovery Process May Fail When AIJs are Full
2.1.6 Count Distinct(fld) May Fail When Sorted Ranked Indexes are Used
2.1.7 Left Outer Join View Query With Constant Columns Returns Wrong Result
2.1.8 Bugchecks at DIOMARK$NEW_SNAP_PAGE + 000000D0 When Area Added Online
2.1.9 Query with GROUP BY and ORDER BY Returned Rows in the Wrong Order
2.1.10 Query with GROUP BY, ORDER BY Returned Rows in the Wrong Order
2.1.11 Truncating Empty Table Leaves Uncommited Transaction in Journal
2.1.12 Bugchecks in AIJUTL$FREE_DIRTY_ARBS When Journals Full
2.1.13 Query With Shared Expressions in OR Predicates Returns Wrong Result
2.1.14 Failed Users Not Recovered if DBR Startup Fails
2.1.15 Various Errors or Corruption of Ranked Indexes
2.1.16 Wrong Results Generated by Query With Common Boolean Elements
2.1.17 Wrong Result From Query With Common Join Booleans in OR
2.1.18 Wrong Result Selecting From a Derived Table of UNION Clause
2.1.19 Incorrect Foreign Key Constraint Behavior on Update
2.1.20 Bugchecks Accessing a REAL or DOUBLE PRECISION Column
2.1.21 Connection Name Longer than 31 Octets Mishandled
2.1.22 Loss of NULL Setting for Imported LIST OF BYTE VARYING Columns
2.1.23 Bugchecks in PSII2SPLITNODE When Using Ranked Indexes
2.1.24 Wrong Result from UNION Query with Outer Join Leg
2.1.25 COSI_MEM_FREE_VMLIST Bugcheck with Vertical Partitioning
2.1.26 Bugcheck from INSERT With Partition Index
2.1.27 Journals Not Initialized After Backup if Backing Up to Tape Device
2.1.28 Constant Snapshot File Growth
2.1.29 Select Count Query with Host Variable Returns Wrong Result
2.1.30 UNION Join Query with Host Variable in the Predicate Returns Wrong Result
2.1.31 Bugcheck in COSI_MEM_FREE_VMLIST After Update of Ranked Index
2.1.32 ILLPAGCNT Exception Reading Large Table with a Dynamic Tactic
2.2 SQL Errors Fixed
2.2.1 SQL Precompiler (Pascal) Generates Incorrect Definition for SQL_TINYINT Type
2.2.2 LOCK TABLE May Bugcheck if DROP TABLE Appears in Same Transaction
2.2.3 CREATE VIEW May Fail With a "Deadlock on Client" Error
2.2.4 TRUNCATE TABLE Did Not Release Strong Lock on Table Until DISCONNECT
2.2.5 COMMENT ON COLUMN Failed When Applied to a View Definition
2.2.6 Unexpected SQL-F-CURALROPE Following Compound Statement or CALL Statement
2.2.7 Unexpected Results When Using Host Variables in Subselects
2.2.8 Unexpected Bugcheck Reported When LIST OF BYTE VARYING Column has NOT NULL Constraint
2.2.9 DEFAULT Expression Fails for Declared Temporary Tables
2.2.10 DEFAULT Inherited from Domain now Displayed by SHOW TABLE
2.2.11 Dynamic SQL Rounds Results from Division Operator
2.2.12 SQL Incorrectly Truncated Multi-octet Characters when Using GB18030 and UTF8 Character Sets
2.2.13 New COMMIT EVERY Clause Added to IMPORT DATABASE Command
2.2.14 Unexpected SQL-F-BADBLOB Reported by SQL IMPORT
2.3 RDO and RDML Errors Fixed
2.3.1 Unexpected NOT_LARDY Following LOCK_CONFLICT Exception
2.4 RMU Errors Fixed
2.4.1 RMU Extract Might Extract Incomplete Routine Definition
2.4.2 Unexpected ACCVIO and BUGCHECK from RMU Extract
2.4.3 RMU Load Did Not Handle UNSPECIFIED Character Set in RRD File
2.4.4 RMU/CONVERT Ignored Storage Maps Defined for Optional System Tables
2.4.5 RMU /UNLOAD From Remote Database Specification
2.4.6 RMU/SHOW AFTER/BACKUP May Stall When AIJs Are Full
2.4.7 Problem with LITERAL Character Set and Embedded Quotes in RMU EXTRACT
2.5 LogMiner Errors Fixed
2.5.1 Incorrect Elimination of AIJ When Using RMU /UNLOAD /AFTER_JOURNAL/ ORDER_AIJ_FILES /RESTART
2.5.3 RMU /UNLOAD /AFTER_JOURNAL Incorrect Settings in Null Bit Vector
2.5.4 RMU /UNLOAD /AFTER_JOURNAL Field Order Clarification
2.6 Row Cache Errors Fixed
2.6.2 Long Running Transaction Hangs After RMU/CHECKPOINT
2.7 Hot Standby Errors Fixed
2.7.1 Excessive CPU Consumed by LRS Process


Enhancements Provided in Oracle Rdb Release
3.1 Enhancements Provided in Oracle Rdb Release
3.1.1 Support Added for ANSI C Comments
3.1.2 New Rdb Character Set GB18030
3.1.3 New GET DIAGNOSTICS Keyword
3.1.4 Buffer Memory Now Exported/Imported
3.1.6 New DEFAULTS Qualifier Added to RMU Extract
3.1.8 ALTER VIEW Statement



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