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July 2008 - Oracle releases Rdb version
     [Enhancements] [Bug Fixes]
    Updates to Rdb may be obtained directly from Oracle Support


Enhancements Provided in Oracle Rdb Release
1 Optional Run-Time Routine Native Compiler on I64 Enabled By Default
2 Temporary Table Improvements
3 New SIGN Builtin Function
4 Enhanced Simple CASE Expression
5 Changes in Generated Query Outline ID
6 ALTER INDEX DEFERRED Syntax is Now Active
7 SQL Precompiler and Module Language Compiler /ARCHITECTURE Command Line
8 PERFT4_RDB Example Program
9 RMU Load Quietly Truncated String Data During Insert
10 New FETCH FIRST and OFFSET Clauses for Select Expression
11 RMU Unload Now Creates SQL*Loader Control Files
Software Errors Fixed in Oracle Rdb Release
1 Software Errors Fixed That Apply to All Interfaces
1.1 Inability to Cause Free Space Scan for First Insert After Attach
1.2 Insert ACCVIO Bugcheck on IA64
1.3 Processes With Multiple Database Attaches Stall "Waiting for RTUPB list" on IA64
1.4 Multi-Threaded Processes Hang in HIB Status
1.5 Tape Savesets With More Than 999,999 Blocks Report Wrong Block Number
1.6 Possible DBR Failure Due to Address Space Being Exhausted
1.7 Control Number and Size of AIJ Initialization I/O Buffers
1.8 Some Sort Operations May Bugcheck With More Than 134 Million Rows
1.9 DBR Hangs on Page Lock After Node Crash
1.10 Alter Storage Map Corrupts SORTED Indices
1.11 RDMALS Bugcheck at AIJUTL$FORMAT_ARBS + 00000DA4
1.12 Bugcheck Due to Command Line Too Long
2 SQL Errors Fixed
2.1 ALTER PROFILE Generates a SQL BugcheckDump
2.2 Incorrect File Specification Reported for RDB$STORAGE_AREAS Information Table
2.3 Unexpected Bugcheck When Processing Zero Length Strings
2.4 Unexpected Bugcheck from RENAME TABLE Statement
2.5 Unexpected RDMS-F-NODBK Reported by DROP USER Statement
2.6 Unexpected COSI-F-VASFULL Reported by Long Running SQL Application
2.7 Diagnostics Lost Following Procedure Call in Dynamic SQL
2.8 Unexpected Bugcheck from SET TRANSACTION Statement
3 RMU Errors Fixed
3.1 RMU Extract Reports BAD_CODE Error for TRANSLATE Function
3.2 Restore of Selected Area Fails With ACCVIO
3.3 RMU Load Quietly Truncated String Data During Insert
3.4 RMU /UNLOAD /AFTER_JOURNAL Sort Performance
3.5 Possible RMU/MOVE_AREA/ONLINE Database Corruption
3.6 RMU /BACKUP Performance Enhanced On Some Types Of Tape Drives
3.7 RMU Analyze Reports Incorrect Compression Ratio for Some Tables
3.8 Restore May Miss Storage Area Without Warning
3.9 Incorrect View Syntax Generated by RMU Extract Item=VIEW
3.10 Revised Format for the RMU/UNLOAD/AFTER_IMAGE CONTROL File
3.11 RMU Created an Incorrect Restore Options File for Single File Databases
4 RMU Show Statistics Errors Fixed
4.1 RMU/SHOW STATISTICS Checkpoint Information Screen Sort By Oldest
Transaction Did Not Work Correctly
4.2 Date and Time Included In Lock Deadlock Log File

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