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Jim Mehlhop Joins
Software Concepts International's Team of Experts

March 30, 2016 Ė In response to unprecedented growth our OpenVMS Managed Services business, Software Concepts International, LLC (SCI) is once again expanding its staff of OpenVMS experts. We are pleased to announce the addition of Jim Mehlhop to our team of OpenVMS, Rdb and CODASYL DBMS experts supporting SCIís growing list of OpenVMS managed service and support customers.

Jim has extensive experience with OpenVMS starting in 1977 with a pre-release .04b version of VAX/VMS while working for Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). Jim started analyzing VMS system crashes in 1981 and was an initial member of the VMS Cluster support team in 1984. Jim is an expert with OpenVMS internals, performing crash dump analysis since 1980. He led the VMS internals/performance support team in the Digital Customer Support Center for 4 years and created the original VAX and Alpha Crash Dump Analysis classes. Jim also performed engineering support for multiple non-VMS TCP/IP stacks.

Jim is a well-known, frequent and popular presenter at OpenVMS technical events (including DECUS and the Connect OpenVMS Bootcamp).

SCIís typical customer is one who struggled to find and retain OpenVMS system managers, database administrators, or general OpenVMS support. SCIís growth has come as a result of being the leader in providing OpenVMS Managed Services and Support, and we look forward to Jimís 32 years of experience joining our team and continuing to provide that world class support.

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