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The Best Management Practices
        for the Best Operating System

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In The News

SCI Runs
OpenVMS on X86-64!

VMS Software, Inc. Launches New Release of OpenVMS OS  for Alpha Hardware

2017 OpenVMS Boot Camp  - Dates Announced

VMS Software, Inc. Announces Availability of VSI OpenVMS alpha Evaluation Kit


OpenVMS and the "Heartbleed" Bug

Oracle to Continue to Develop on Itanium

Another milestone for CHARON-VAX

HP To Require Active HP Support Agreement to Continue Patch Access

CRITICAL ALERT for Customers Using Rdb V7.1.4.1.x on OpenVMS Alpha

Mandatory Update Kit (MUP) for OpenVMS

Launch of OpenVMS 8.4  


SECURITY ALERT: HP TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS Running NTP

SECURITY ALERT: VMS Alpha v8.3 RMS Patch Kit Vulnerability

Gartner Report:
Best Practices: Migration Planning for Alpha Server Users

OpenVMS Advertising

Release of HP OpenVMS (CIFS) Version V1.1 based on Samba

Distributed NetBeans Version 5.5 FT3 Now Available for OpenVMS AlphaServer systems and Integrity servers

HP OpenVMS Common Internet File System (CIFS) Version 1.0, based on Samba V3.0.24, is now available

HP White Paper:
OpenVMS on Integrity Server blades for HP Bladesystem c-Class

HP Announces OpenVMS Version 8.3-1H1 for Integrity Servers

HP White Paper:
Comparison: HP OpenVMS on HP AlphaServer and HP Integrity systems

VAX/Alpha to Integrity Migration


Proven methods for managing secure, highly available, high performance OpenVMS systems.


Succeeding in today's business environment requires innovation -- anticipating change before it happens and you have to react to it. SCI's proven OpenVMS system administration service is based on implementing a "best practices" methodology for managing, maintaining and enhancing OpenVMS environments. Our VMS agents maintain a constant vigil over your entire OpenVMS environment, allowing our expert team of OpenVMS administrators to quickly identify trends and changes to your cluster before they impact your business.

Our OpenVMS support is much more than other vendor's "technical support", which is often little more than a "help desk" that you call when there is a problem or perhaps a "periodic polling" of system status and jobs. By maintaining a 24 x 7 watch over key system resources, we anticipate and often resolve problems before our clients are even aware of the risk.  (Learn more about SCI's OpenVMS Support Services)

Remote Managed Services for OpenVMS provides a comprehensive support solution for the day-to-day system administration requirements of sites running the OpenVMS operating system. Our consistent management methodology ensures that every system task is executed as scheduled for repeatable results and no surprises! Developed by a team of industry-leading experts using best-known practices, SCIís Remote OpenVMS tools and services ensure the availability, security, reliability and disaster tolerance of your entire OpenVMS environment. (Learn more about SCI's Remote Managed Service for OpenVMS)

You have high expectations in your business computing environment. With SCI's Remote OpenVMS administration, we help you to exceed them -- every day.

Our goal is to prevent failures --
and to make sure that any problem is recoverable.

Now supporting and migrating
OpenVMS to Integrity systems!

Contact Us to learn more about our
Remote Managed Services for OpenVMS.


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