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SCI Runs OpenVMS on X86-64!

Nashua, NH, May 15, 2020 - Software Concepts International (SCI) announced today they have successfully booted and are running OpenVMS V9.0 on the native x86 platform. VMS Software Incorporated (VSI) released OpenVMS V9.0 to select early adopters earlier today, culminating a multi-year effort to bring OpenVMS to the x86 architecture.

Within an hour of receiving the kit, SCI had OpenVMS V9.0 running in the Oracle High Performance Cloud inside an Oracle VM VirtualBox environment. After completing the initial configuration and celebrating this accomplishment, SCI ran some initial functionality tests and then installed their Toolset and other utilities they use in delivering Remote Managed Services to customers around the globe. “The installation went very smoothly and initial tests look great” said Norm Lastovica, SCI Chief Technology Officer, “We are looking forward to the continued evolution of OpenVMS and the eventual migration to x86 opportunity this affords our customers.“

SCI was an original member of the VSI Professional Services Alliance and has a very close working relationship with VSI. This relationship was a key component of VSI selecting SCI to be the very first Early Adopter. “SCI is proud that VSI chose them to be one of the earliest test sites for VSI’s future flagship product.” said Brad McCusker, SCI VP for VMS Services, “Many of our customers are anxious for VMS on x86 and look forward to working with VSI in testing and making VMS ready for production.”

According to VSI’s published roadmap, V9.0 will be made available to select partners and customers. Later in 2020, VSI will ship V9.1, a general release field test kit with a full production capable V9.2 available 2021

About Software Concepts International
SCI is a US-based company with over 33 years’ experience supporting OpenVMS, Oracle Rdb, and CODASYL DBMS database environments. SCI is internationally known as the premier provider of remote OpenVMS management and database administration services. SCI’s proactive approach to maintaining OpenVMS, Rdb and DBMS databases provides their customers with peace-of mind knowing that their systems are highly available, secure, and performing to their highest capabilities. In addition to managed services, SCI is also recognized as the leading provider of OpenVMS and Oracle database consulting with a specialization in extreme performance consulting for the most complex, demanding environments.



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