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Our SmallBusinessIT Clients Speak Out:

Don't take our word for how wonderful we are!
Our clients say it best...


Peace of Mind...

“Signing up for SmallBusinessIT from SCI is one of the best decisions I ever made.  Before SmallBusinessIT our 6 month old server was running at a snails pace due to lack of maintenance and improper administration.    I was at my wits end!  SCI stepped in, evaluated our situation and set an action plan in motion to address all of our problems.  With their proactive approach, we now have a solid reliable network infrastructure.  Problems are handled promptly when they are discovered.  Instead of waiting hours with downtime, we seldom wait longer than a few minutes.  Employee productivity has increased across the board. I’ve also seen an increase in my own productivity since I can spend a lot less time worrying about our computers and more time focused on growing the business.”

              - Ryan Stewart, Stewart Property Management, Inc.



   The Answer to Our Technology Problems...

"Thank goodness we signed up for the free audit Software Concepts was offering!  They discovered a major flaw in our backup system, cleaned up some spyware we didn't even know we had, and helped us solve a number of problems.  Plus, their SmallBusinessIT plan is exactly what we've been looking for.  You'd have to be crazy to say no; I urge you to call them immediately!"

            - Matt Chabot, President, Focus on Fitness


   The Solution to Our SPAM Overload...

"Before signing up for the SPAM filtering service offered by Software Concepts, I was getting hundreds of SPAM e-mails every day.  I can't tell you how aggravating it was to sort through all the ads to find the legitimate e-mails I needed.  Now, I rarely get an unwanted e-mail.  I absolutely love this service!"

            - Lisa Zerr, Office Manager, Moquin & Daley


   Our Network Worries Are Behind Us...

“We are amazed  how often SCI’s service detects events happening at our office.  From power outages to hard drive failures they are on the job before we can even call for help.  They allow me to stay focused on my business, and I'm 100% confident that I don't need to worry about our network, now. 
            -Glenn Houck, Principal, iTeam Systems


   Unbelievable Response Time...

"SCI seem to detect every issue before it happens, and when they notify me of it, they've already resolved it.  Then, when I do call them with an issue, they are on it in minutes if no seconds.  Don't these people sleep?"
-Andrew Coleman, Principal, LeadQual


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